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Amazing Deal: Amex Offers $150 Spend On AT&T For $150 Back

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Written by Charlie

This is easily the best Amex Offers deal that I have seen! This one is for AT&T and requires you spend $150 or more on your bill and receive $150 back – in other words, free service!

This offer is only available to Amex OPEN cards (business cards) and may be targeted (though it is available in all the accounts I have access to).

Log in to your American Express account and click on any business OPEN card you have in the account. Scroll down to the Offers portion and you should see the following offer waiting for you!

Amex Offer

Spend $150 On AT&T Bill and receive $150 back!

Here are the details:

  • Must be used by April 15, 2015
  • Must be used by paying a statement online or over the phone that is $150 or more
  • Cannot be used on equipment and services that do not appear on your bill (see below for further thoughts)
  • Enrollment limited (in other words, save this offer to your card now)

Maximizing Offer

The terms do say that you cannot use this credit for equipment, so do not think you can order a new phone and have $150 taken off, but you should be able to do that if you have the price of the put on your statement. I have done this in the past (had the phone charged to my statement) and that should work to still trigger your $150 statement credit.

If you didn’t want to go that way, you could always just use this to pay your bill (as long you pay at least $150) or to use if you wanted to get out of your contract with AT&T (the ETF would be charged to your bill). I am sure AT&T did not plan on having people use this offer to get away from them, but it would work! 🙂

Another thing you should be able to do is pay ahead if you have an installment plan and that will cover some of your equipment cost. This should work on tablet plans/payments.

If your bill is less than $150, you could always just pay $150 and have credit on your account. If that cannot be done online, you should be able to have a rep do that over the phone for you.

No matter what you do, save this offer and start looking for ways to really get some money on this! One other thing to do would be to offer to pay a bill for a friend one month and give him/her a little break on it – you would still be making money on it.


Offer valid for wireless bill pay for AT&T AutoPay or one-time payment only. Must add offer to Business Card from American Express OPEN (“Card”) and use same Card to redeem. Limit one $150 statement credit per American Express online account. Statement credit will appear on your American Express billing statement within 90 days after April 15, 2015, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying transaction. Enrollment limited. Offer is non-transferable. In order to be eligible for the offer, you must enroll your Card and use that Card to pay your wireless bill or other service charges online directly with AT&T at or by phone at 1800-331-0500. Purchases for equipment or prepaid, U-verse, web hosting, or wireline services that do not appear on your AT&T wireless bill are excluded from this offer. Your payment must be in the amount of $150 or more in a single transaction and completed by April 15, 2015. Payments at retail locations or via third party resellers do not qualify. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying transaction from the merchant until that qualifying transaction has been fully processed. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying transaction is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party. POID: BKMX:0001

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