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Amazing Deal on a 55″ LG 4k Smart TV

Written by Dustin

An amazing deal for a 4k Smart TV, possibly for under $200!

Today, I received an email from Dell with their daily deals. I tend to browse, even though I don’t plan to purchase anything. Then I saw this amazing deal on a LG 4k Smart TV! Let me show you how you can maximize your savings on this TV!

Amazing Deal on LG 4k Smart TV

The Deal:

LG 4k smart TV

Today, Dell is offering a LG 55″ 4K Smart TV for $699, this is $400 lower than the typical asking price.

The deal becomes even sweeter since Dell is going to give you a $250 Dell gift card when you purchase this LG 4k Smart TV!

Using a Portal to Maximize Earnings:

If you are going to shop online, it is always best to use a shopping portal! If you aren’t you’re leaving rewards on the table!

Currently, on Cashbackmonitor, this is the payouts for Dell

LG 4k smart tv

If you look at those payouts, I would lean toward the 8% cash back, but 3x Ultimate Rewards isn’t bad either!

Using the 8% cash back portal, you will earn $55.92 back on this purchase.

If you decide you want Ultimate Rewards, you’ll earn a nice 2,097 points.

Either option is perfectly fine as long as it fits into your travel plans

Maximizing this with Amex Offers

lg 4k smart tv

Currently, (if you loaded it) American Express is offering $100 credit statement when you spend $300 or more at Dell will allow you to split the transaction between 3 different credit cards. If you are lucky enough to have this on a couple of cards, you could really stack some savings!

Breaking Down Savings:

If you used a cash back portal and were to take advantage of all these offers, you’re cost breakdown will look like this

  • LG 55″ 4K Smart TV for $699
  • Dell Gift card $250
  • Portal Payout of $56
  • Amex offers of $200 in credits

Depending on how you look at it, this TV could cost you about net $193

If you used the Ultimate Rewards portal your breakdown will look like this:

  • LG 55″ 4K Smart TV for $699
  • Dell Gift card $250
  •  Ultimate Reward- 2100 points
  • Amex offers of $200 in credits

Your cost breaks down to net $249 plus 2100 Ultimate Reward points.


This a great deal for a LG 4K Smart TV! This could cost you less than $200 when you use a cash back portal. Not a bad deal on a TV that usually cost $1100!

What is stopping you from buying this TV?

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