All New Kindle Paperwhite: High End Features, More Travel Friendly, and 6 Months of Kindle Unlimited!

Written by Charlie

The new Kindle Paperwhite is here and it brings a lot of high end features to it for just $10 more than the old price. Plus, you get Kindle Unlimited free for 6 months and a key feature that makes it more travel friendly!

Amazon today released their brand new Kindle Paperwhite and it really blurs the lines in the Kindle lineup as it adopts some things from the Voyage and even the high-end Kindle Oasis. If you want the best value e-reader around, this may just be it! Plus, it comes with a new feature that can be a little more travel friendly. 🙂 I am a huge fan of Kindles and currently own the Oasis but this new Kindle Paperwhite has me really tempted!

All New Kindle Paperwhite: High End Features and More Travel Friendly

Link: All New Kindle Paperwhite

The new Kindle Paperwhite adds $10 to the regular price to bring it up to $129. But, with this tiny price bump comes a lot of new features. It includes:

  • double the storage (8GB standard)
  • higher resolution
  • the ability to play Audible audiobooks over bluetooth
  • a flush display
  • a waterproof rating
  • 6 free months of Kindle Unlimited

I am actually surprised they included so much in the new Paperwhite. It actually looks they put the Voyage model out to pasture and are making the Paperwhite the new mid-tier/upper tier Kindle model. Nice move!

The great thing about it being released now is that it should be on sale for Black Friday so expect some $99 prices next month!

How about the more travel friendly part? A waterproof Kindle definitely helps out with that! So many travelers use their Kindles near the pool while on vacation and certainly on the airplane. Have you ever had liquid spilled on yourself while flying? Most of the time, that won’t harm the regular Kindles but now you won’t have to worry about it. Also, you can read with ease near the pool or sea now and know that water is not going to kill your $130 Kindle.

Also, it will come with 6 free months of Kindle Unlimited! That is regularly $9.99 per month so that is like getting a $60 value thrown in! The new Kindle Paperwhite will ship starting November 7 but is on sale today. There are multiple versions, depending on if you want more storage (up from the basic 8GB) and cellular capability.

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  • I wish it would say if it was using the old MicroUSB interface or something newer. I hate having to carry extra cables around with me. 🙁

  • Ok. I’ll bite. I have an old kindle from years ago in a drawer. Why would I want this? Anyone with a smart phone, amazon fire, ipad, etc. can just do all this with an app for WAY less money. I’m not sure I still see the point in this product. It’s like buying a blackberry or a pager it seems. Tell me I’m missing something here. I want to love kindle.

    • I totally hear you! I used to have an iPad but still did most of my reading on the Kindle. For travel especially, the Kindle is much better than other tablets or smartphones. Yes, it has the e-ink which makes for an “easier” reading experience. But, it is that e-ink that is key for another reason and that is battery life. I charge my Kindle like once every few weeks and know that I can read it for an entire flight without it losing even half its power and my phone stays charged and put away.
      I read a lot and it is true that it is a better reading experience and more book-like on the Kindle. Plus, it is lightweight and pretty durable so it can be tossed into a bag and it is always ready to go. I carry mine with me most of the time and will pull it out if I have a line someplace.
      I guess it is more of an acquired taste for people with so much technology around. I like that it does one thing and does it really well – acts as my entire library in my pocket and is like the energizer bunny! The other devices are great but for people who love reading books, the Kindle can make sense.
      One more thing – when the sales come around, you can get them for $10 or less (not the lighted ones – those will be under $20). We actually have them for almost everyone in our family and we paid a total of $10 for all of them because of some awesome sales. The kids all read them in bed and enjoy them a lot.

      • I agree with everything you say about the paperwhite. Where do you buy the kindles at such low prices

        • Prime Day this July had some stacking of deals so I was able to get the Paperwhites for $19 each. Black Friday should have some deals as well, in the past there have been great ones from Staples that stacked to get them under $30. I am not sure how they will handle the BF deals this year with this huge upgraded model, but I’m guessing we won’t see them for under $50. I will definitely be posting the deals so make sure you check back!