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Alaska Elites – What Gift Will You Choose?

Written by Charlie

Alaska Airlines sent out their e-mails to MVP Gold and MVP Gold 75K members yesterday to claim their gift. This is the first year I have held status with Alaska so this is the first time I have received such an offer from them and it just continues to make me feel good about Alaska Airlines as an airline and membership program!

Alaska Elites – Claim Your Gift

Alaska invites their members who are MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K to choose one of three gifts. The cool thing is that you didn’t have to actually qualify by flying to be eligible for these awards. I am currently MVP Gold 75K as a result of a status match and I received the e-mail and the offer.

Alaska gift

The three gifts being offered are:

  • 2 Gold Guest Upgrades
  • 2 Board Room Day Passes
  • 2 GoGo WiFi All Day Passes

Comparing the three of those offers, the best offer would appear to be the upgrades. These upgrades can be used for family or friends (or for blog readers, if I don’t get a chance to use them!) so that is a plus. With the other items, I already have Board Room access from credit cards (and enough free passes to cover if I did need to) and the GoGo passes can be purchased cheaply so I would not go that route either. I already have 4 upgrades from reaching MVP Gold 75K, but having more can’t hurt!

If you want to go directly to the website to claim your gift, click here.

If you are eligible for one of these gifts, which one did you select?

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