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Alaska Airlines, You Can Delay My Bags Anytime!

Alaska Airlines is an airline that is getting more of my attention for several reasons – Delta’s devaluation across their mileage structures, the ease of getting miles from Alaska Airline credit cards, and the multitude of partners that you can bank miles from and use miles on.

While reading an article today, I saw one more thing that made me feel quite friendly towards Alaska Airlines and that is their Baggage Service Guarantee. This guarantee states (see the link for full details):

If your baggage is not at baggage claim within 20 minutes of your plane parking at the gate, you’re entitled to a $25 Discount Code for use on a future Alaska Airlines flight or 2,500 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ Bonus Miles.

That is a pretty generous policy! I would consider the miles to be of higher value than the voucher, but either one is still great!

Even on international trips, I never check luggage (when traveling alone), but this type of policy would motivate me to check my bag on my next Alaska Airlines flight. I have never had a bag delivered to me within 20 minutes of parking at a gate with other airlines, so it would be great to see an airline deliver on this. In fact, on my last flight, it took 48 hours to get all of my bags! 🙂 Of course, it would work out ok to have it delayed as well! Either way, at least this could break up some of the airport monotony. 🙂

HT: Fox News

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  • Even if I only have a small carry on, I always check it with Alaska (no bag fees for me). It allows me to not worry about packing large liquids and my bag always arrives at baggage claim right after (or sometimes before) I do. Over dozens of trips, I have yet to be able to claim my 2500 miles.

  • Be careful, to claim the miles/credit you must report the delay to an Alaska representative before leaving the airport. One evening in IAH there was no one to be found and we gave up.