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The End of an Era: Airbus is Ending Production of the Awesome A380

airbus a380 ending
Written by Charlie

The huge Airbus A380 is ending production with this final order. This awesome double-decker plane is home to some of the best first class cabins in the world but will no longer be made after 2021.

If you were to show a photo of the front of the Airbus A380 to someone and ask them what it looks like, the response would probably be that it resembles a dolphin or similar. In truth, the Airbus A380 is a whale of a plane for its size and this double-decker aircraft has been popular with many enthusiasts since it launched into the sky commercially 12 years ago.

The Airbus A380 Production Will Be Ending

favorite airplane

Emirates Airbus A380

Unfortunately, due to the lack of new interest and sales (the plane costs almost $450 million!), Airbus has announced that the current slate of Airbus A380s will be the final production models of this aircraft. This means that production will end in 2021, just 2 years from now. This will finish with the final 14 A380s for Emirates.

This will not have an impact on your ability to fly on these beautiful planes, however! In fact, you can see all the places where you will be able to fly them at this special website set up by Airbus. There are plenty of airlines that fly them and that will continue.

It is just that no new orders are being placed as airlines opt for smaller aircraft to handle their routes and passengers. Not every major airline even flies them now, with one such notable is Turkish Airlines (and they will actually be taking delivery of the Airbus A350 model this year). But, the airlines that do fly them will continue to do so.

Notable Airlines with the Airbus A380

In fact, if you were to fly Emirates, there is a very big possibility that your long-haul flight will be on an Airbus A380. The two are almost synonymous (no joke, I kept typing “Emirates” instead of “Airbus” in this post!) as Emirates is the biggest customer and user of the Airbus A380 with 108 currently in their fleet (they will end up with 123). They are also one of the airlines to do an amazing job in how they implemented their premium cabins aboard the A380. One major area is with their spacious shower suites for first class passengers.

Emirates A380 First Class

Etihad (review of the Etihad A380 First Apartment) is another customer that, even though they did not order that many, has made smart use of the space on the A380 to offer a wonderful first class experience. This also has a shower available for first class passengers and what was an industry leading first “apartment” available and the very exclusive Residence cabin.

charter 777

Photo of the Etihad First Apartment

Singapore Airlines (review of the Singapore A380 Singapore Suites)was the first customer that really highlighted the premium capabilities of the A380 with their adored Singapore Suites. Other airlines have done a great job of outfitting their premium cabins on the A380 but those three (Singapore, Emirates, and Etihad) really went the extra mile.

Singapore Airlines Suites

Singapore Airline Suites Class

So, it will be sad to see these elegant birds no longer produced but it is also a great thing to know that we will still be able to fly on them for quite a while yet.

What is your greatest Airbus A380 flight and which carrier was it with?

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  • Etihad’s Apartment, SYD-AUH and AUH-LHR. Almost 24 hours of flying in that tremendous first class cabin. It’s certainly difficult to fly in coach after that.

  • You said, ‘In truth, the Airbus A380 is a whale of a plane (there is even a version that is called the Beluga)’.
    FYI – the Beluga is a A300-600 and the Beluga XL is a A330. There has not been a cargo version of the A380 built, only passenger versions.

  • Too bad about the A380 great plane I have traveled in it on Air France between NYC and Paris and back very comfortable and plenty of room in coach.

  • I flew on an Airbus A380 to Germany on Lufstanza (spl?). The coach seats were like first class on any US carrier. Only way to go overseas at a decent price.