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Air Berlin’s Unfortunate Timing for Marathon Runners

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Written by Charlie

Air Berlin has cancelled several long haul flights to the US and this stop date happened one day after one of the largest marathons in the world – in Berlin!

If you have been hearing anything about airline news lately, you know that Air Berlin has been in trouble for a little while now and, even today, the bids are being decided for what will happen with elements of their airline.

Air Berlin’s Unfortunate Timing for Marathon Runners

Link: Air Berlin’s Current Status Information

I know that thousands of customers (and employees) have been inconvenienced by the recent issues with Air Berlin so why call out specifically marathon runners?

The Famous BMW Berlin Marathon Was Just YESTERDAY!

The answer is that one of the most popular marathons in the world took place in Berlin yesterday. The BMW Berlin Marathon is famous, in part, for the number of world records that have been set at the marathon distance on that course. It is in the cooler time of year with a fast course and organizers that do a great job in continuing to bring in talented runners. Unfortunately, rain played a part in keeping the current world record in place though the winner came awfully close!

In the past, Air Berlin has been a popular choice for Americans running the marathon given their presence in the city. Not only that, but Air Berlin has had some pretty good fares for flights from the US to Germany as well making it even more popular. There are thousands of visitors in town this week from the USA and those that were booked for a return on Air Berlin may be out of luck on some flights.

Unfortunately for any runners that had booked a flight with Air Berlin for their return to the US this week, today marked the end of several long haul flights on Air Berlin as they no longer have the aircraft to fly those routes. From Berlin, they are:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Franisco
  • Chicago
  • Dusseldorf to Boston and Orlando have also been cancelled

Even though displaced marathon travelers will be put on other routes, it certainly is an annoyance to have your nice long-haul from the city to the US be cancelled. For me, that is one of the nice things after a trip is going to the airport to catch a long-haul flight instead of getting on regional planes to be shuttled around to the long-haul.

Again, I know many have been inconvenienced by the situation at Air Berlin and I hope that it works out for everyone. In the meantime, any of you marathoners that are still in Berlin, congrats on your marathon and enjoy the rest and sights before your return home!

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