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Aegean Airlines Offers Changes with Fees Waived Due to Coronavirus

Written by Charlie

Aegean Airlines has issued a statement about how they are handling flight changes and it is fairly generous for the whole network, due to coronavirus.

Another airline has stepped up to address the travel situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19). With many cases now in Europe, the bulk of which are in Italy, it is making regional airlines address this situation and Aegean has made an announcement about this.

Aegean Airlines Announcement Regarding Coronavirus

First of all, Aegean has said they are not cancelling any of their flights between Greece and Italy. But, at the same time, they will abide by any rules set out by authorities regarding travel to Italy.

As to those passengers who do wish to make changes due to the Coronavirus, here is their statement:

AEGEAN would like to inform all passengers who already hold a ticket for all network destinations, with travel dates from today until March 20 and issuance date on/before February the 23rd and wish to change it to a later date, due to Coronavirus outbreak, may do so without any rebooking fees through our Call Center at +302106261000.

I believe that is very a generous policy for them to put forth as it covers literally every Aegean customer who is to travel from now through March 20. As long as the ticket was booked on or before February 23, those travelers can change their travel to a later date without any rebooking fee.

It is only the GoLight fares that actually have the rebooking fees anyway but it is still a nice update for any people traveling with Aegean who feel that their plans should change.

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  • That is not generous. I came home from Italy early, and had a weekend trip from Italy booked with Aegean. They offered an exchange only. I was studying abroad and don’t plan to return to Europe soon. A refund would have been generous.

    • Did you change it already? If the flight was canceled, you could push for a refund. I was able to get a refund last week when they made a flight change that had me arrive over 24 hours later.

  • Hi I booked for August for 3 adult same flight from Bari Italy to Chania Greece also payed extra for changes flight or cancellation, also pays extra for extra luggage and meals Will I get a full refund if I cancel now ?

    • Hi, Kathy. At this point, you would not get a full refund but rather credit for future flights. If the flights were cancelled, you could push for the refund (even though they are offering just the credit) as part of the EU261 rules regarding flight cancellations. But, with the flight that far out, the chances are very small it will be canceled. Refund as credit for future flights or free changes is all you will get right now.

  • We have flights booked for May 20th to Athens from Manchester
    Will we be eligible for a refund as I believe we will still be in lockdown?

  • Hi Charlie, Aegean has canceled my flight, but in their email they stated that for people booking with GoLight, which mine was, I’m only entitled to a voucher. Since they canceled, I feel like EU261 requires I be offered a refund. I see you mention in an earlier comment you pushed for a refund on a delayed flight and got it. Any recommendation on what you did then that you think I should do now to help my case? Thanks!

    • Keep after them. I got it before this all started spiraling. I had a friend that was made to rebook and pay $400 for a ticket with them! Definitely keep pushing and let them know that you are entitled to a refund since your flight was canceled. They will push back a bit but they will issue to those that keep after it – eventually. Airlines figure they can get most people to just take a voucher and the expense is small for those that keep pushing until they get the refund.
      Reference EU261 and the recent EU ruling on cancellations.

  • HI Charlie i booked for 5 people on the 13 jul santorini to athens (my whole family) but unfornately australia has banned us to travel till maybe mid next year and my flight to madrid from emirates has cancelled. so cant go anywhere. We have receive an email from the aegean airline stating we can change the dates but are given till the 27april this year and they are only giving us till mar. honestly we dont know whats going to happen with this situation. we still plan to go definitely but maybe end of june or aug we are in limbo at the moment. the government advised us not to make plans yet till maybe towards the end of the year. Would the airline extend our trip at least till july or aug? We booked a fLEX FARE WITH CHECKIN LUGGAGE. i WAS GOING TO RING THEM TOMORROW. would they just give me a refund or at least give us the option to book any time (not pressured ). hope to hear from you. Thanks Beatriz (Australia)

  • Hi Charlie, on our flight I payed insurance to the airline for cancellation
    Why did I pay if I’m not covered ?

    • Sorry, Kathy, I missed that part. If you paid for the flex fare, you can cancel at anytime and get your money back but there will still be a refund fee. They may not refund the money right away due to all the requests but you would get it back if you had paid for the flex fare.
      According to their site, the cancellation fee on flex for short international tickets is €50.