Ultra Comfortable Shoe Made From Ocean Waste Coming Soon

adidas ultraboost
Written by Charlie

The Adidas UltraBoost is a new shoe that takes ocean waste and brings it to your feet as ultra comfortable shoes.These will launch soon! Check out the prices and date!


Shoe manufacturers have been working for a while now making shoes that are more environmentally friendly. ASICS had made shoes for some of their athletes back in 2008 that were made from rice husks, which were super light. Adidas launched the first 3-d printed running shoes this past year (which sold out extremely fast and were commanding high resale prices on eBay) and now Adidas is making another launch soon of an ultra comfortable shoe made from ocean waste, a yarn called Parley yarn.

Adidas UltraBoost Shoe Coming Soon

adidas ultraboost

Adidas launched and sold their first versions of these shoes last year, in a limited-quantity run of 7,000. Now, they are back again and will be launching the Adidas ULTRABOOST Parley shoe on May 10 (online and in select stores). There will be 3 versions that will be released:

Yes, they are pricey but I am fairly sure the price will go down as more sell and more versions come down. Also, they are not totally out of sight with prices from other shoe manufacturers when it is a special launch product. The shoes are geared for neutral runners and Adidas is describing them as “the most responsive cushioning ever.” Also, these new Adidas Ultraboost shoes are made with the waste from 11 water bottles each that are retrieved and made into the specialized Parley yarn which Adidas then uses to manufacture these shoes.

I like the idea of athletic companies pushing the boundaries when it comes to sourcing materials. I still look forward to the day that I can order a running shoe design, enter my custom measurements for fit and feel, select colors, and submit it to be 3D-printed and mailed to me. 🙂  In the meantime, I do like the looks of these Ultraboost shoes from Adidas

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  • Charlie – I was invited to the Adidas Terrex showroom last week for a tour of the Fall/Winter outdoor line. I was also shown many of the Parley products – which look and feel amazing – the line is most impressive. Adidas also gave me a pair of the Parley boat sneakers to sample – I’ll be writing more about my visit soon.