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Insult to Injury: American Airlines Charter Delays the Dallas Cowboys – In Philly

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Written by Charlie

After a tough loss, the Dallas Cowboys had insult added to injury when their American Airlines charter had mechanical problems that delayed them in Philly.

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles faced long-time and divisional rival Dallas Cowboys at home. This was a battle for the division and a spot in the playoffs and the Dallas Cowboys were hoping to clinch that spot.

American Airlines Charter Delays Dallas Cowboys in Philly Following Their Loss

However, the Philadelphia Eagles did a tremendous job in shutting down the #1 offense in the NFL and they ended the game with their playoff destiny in their own hands. The Dallas Cowboys were heading back to Dallas in what would certainly be a long flight, particularly if owner Jerry Jones would be on the chartered American Airlines 777 (Jones left his box with over a minute left, gives you an idea how he felt).

Well, that long flight home started with a long delay on buses at the stadium as there were mechanical problems with their American Airlines plane. Since AA has hubs in both Philadelphia and Dallas, of course they are without a favorite in this face-off anyway!

Doesn’t it feel good that it isn’t just us little people that suffer with AA mechanical problems? 🙂 At one point, they were going to sub out to a 767 but they ended up going on the original 777 to fly back to Dallas.  Here is the flight information from their flight.

The delay left the team in those buses for at least a couple hours as they waited for the all clear to head to the airport and board their flight home. Hey, that still had to be a better place to wait than at the Philadelphia airport! Can you imagine the heckling they would have had there from any/all Eagles fans? 🙂

Even though they only need at least 8 each year (that is probably the most the Cowboys will need it each year for the next several years), maybe the New England Patriots were onto something when they purchased their own “fleet” (two) of planes! Seems like that would be something Jerry Jones would really want anyway…


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