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AA 50,000 Mile Card Offers Live On + Match For 60,000 Miles

aa 50,000
Written by Charlie

There are still public links for the AA 50,000 mile card offers and an opportunity to match to 60,000 miles!

There was a lot of noise about the Citi AA cards over the weekend as the official, very public links were set to go away today and drop from 50,000 miles to 30,000 miles (which they did).

AA 50,000 Mile Credit Card Offers Live On + Match For 60,000 Miles

aa 50,000

Edit 3/2 – the link now points to the 30K offer so this is a new, direct link I found that points right to the 50K app for the personal card.

Yet, there are still links available that will get you the 50,000 mile offer if you have not applied yet. It is important to know and remember that there is almost always a link for the personal card at 50,000 miles and the business one stays around there a lot as well.

To get the 50,000 mile offers, go here and click on the card you want. When you click Apply Now, it will take you to an application page with no mention of the 50,000 mile offer. Just take screenshots of the landing page above and save them in case Citi says it is not the 50,000 mile offer. They are pretty good about this and you should not have any trouble anyway (just encouraging you to play it safe).

Matching To 60,000 Miles

The personal card also has a targeted offer for 60,000 miles. It does not expire until March 15 so you should not have a problem asking them (Citi) to match it through then. I received the confirmation of my match in just a matter of hours by sending them a message through the Citi messaging system in my online account.


Even the page I linked to above says “Limited-time Offer” so they may disappear at some point as well. If you want to get matched to the 60,000 mile offer on the personal card, I would apply sooner rather than later. Otherwise, there may not be a great rush as you will not get your miles before the AA devaluation in 3 weeks.

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