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The 70K Mile Delta Card Offer? Yeah, It’s Not Going Away Today

Written by Charlie

There has been a lot of noise about the Delta card offers going away soon. But, the 70K mile Delta Platinum card offer is not going away today and will not for a while! Find out why and where you can apply for it!

If you surf the various blogs in the miles and points space, you likely saw more than a few posts yesterday about it being the last chance for the 70K Delta Skymiles card offer. Maybe you even heard that there were only hours left! Well, the good news is that these offers are not going away today (4/11) and you will still have time to think about it!

The 70K Mile Delta Card Offer? Yeah, It’s Not Going Away Today

What IS Going Away Today

Delta Gold 60,000 Mile + $50 Statement Credit Offer

70K delta

First of all, what exactly is going away today? There are a few things. One is the Delta Skymiles Gold Amex card offer of 60,000 miles and a $50 statement credit. If this is something you want, you may want to think about applying for it today or wait until it comes back another time. You can apply using this direct link here or using the links under my Credit Cards tab (those will pay me a commission).

The Delta Gold offer for 60,000 miles and a $50 statement credit is really a pretty good deal. Not only will it give you at least $650 in value with Delta, but it also has no annual fee for the first year. Plus, that offer is available with both the personal and business versions. This card has been as high as 100,000 miles in targeted offers in the past but I would not wait for that. Remember, you cannot get this card if you have ever had that particular card from American Express in the past.

The Affiliate Links

The other thing that is going away today is the affiliate link offers for these higher bonuses. While the above offer truly is the best offer right now and disappearing today, the higher 70,000 mile Delta Platinum card offer actually will be around for a while longer. However, it will no longer pay affiliates (blogs) the commission for that offer and it will go down to a lower offer.

So, the posts about it going away are true – for the affiliate offer for the 70,000 miles. But, if you don’t mind that your favorite blog(s) will not get your affiliate dollars, you can definitely still get the 70,000 mile offer after today – which is the next point.

The 70,000 Mile Delta Platinum Card Offer Does NOT End Today (4/11)

To be clear: I get absolutely nothing for this card through the links below! 🙂

Link: 70K Delta Platinum Personal  | 70K Delta Platinum Business

Both of the above offers are personal referral offers that are good until May 16, 2018 and will give Stefan (Rapid Travel Chai) 5,000 miles if you are approved for one.

So, where can you find this offer after the affiliate offers get cut down? Chances are pretty good that the public links will continue to have this offer for a little while longer. But, if you know someone who has the Delta Platinum personal card or the Delta Platinum business card, they can refer you and you will receive the same offer that is available today and they will receive 5,000 miles as well.

This offer is for 70,000 Skymiles and a $100 statement credit in addition to 10,000 MQMs (elite qualifying miles) after meeting the $3,000 in minimum spending. If you were to get both the business and personal, you would have 20,000 elite qualifying miles that would place you within just 30,000 miles of achieving Gold status, the lowest serious status from Delta. Of course, you would also have the annual fees on these cards up front ($195 each card).

Chasing Elite Status with Delta Credit Cards

If you want to get Delta elite status, these cards are a great way to get started with it. Besides being able to earn 20,000 elite miles after spending the combined amount of $6,000, you can get even more elite miles by meeting the different spending thresholds. If you were to spend $25,000, you would receive a bonus of 10,000 elite miles and 10,000 award miles. You can max that out at 20,000 miles for each card per year.

If you were to go that route, it would give you quite a few elite miles and award miles! It would give you a total this year of 60,000 elite miles and 280,000 award miles for spending $106,000 this year. Yeah, a big spend number but it shows you what these cards could do for you.

So, no, the 70K mile Delta offers are not going away today and you have more than a month to decide if they are right for you or maybe you want to wait for the calendar to work in your favor on applying for other cards. At any rate, now you know that you are not required to apply today! If you want the Gold one, that is a better offer than the referral offers (50,000 miles) so you may want to try for that today.

If you have a Delta Platinum referral offer, leave the link in the comments and I will rotate them through the links above!

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  • Hey Charlie, thanks for talking about this credit card. I have a question and I was wondering if you could help me. I opened my Delta SkyMiles account a long time ago, while I still lived in my country of origin. MQDs is only applicable for U.S. Members. That means, I only need MQM’s (or MQS’s) to get status. And because I’ve been flying Delta internationally, it’s been quite easy to get Silver status at least. But now I’m an American citizen and live in the US, but I never updated my address on my Delta SkyMiles account. If I apply for the Delta Platinum Personal to get the MQM 10K, I would go straight to Gold status… and this would be awesome because I have a long trip (PHX-NEW DELHI) in the end of the year and the chances of getting upgrades are higher and access to Delta lounges is also a plus. My question is: do you think that applying for this card with an American address (and my social security number) would make Delta suspicious of my foreign address and change that? Or the two entities are completely separate? I’d assume so, because I don’t think Amex would share this kind of personal details with Delta, right?! What are your thoughts? Thank you!