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$300 For NYC-Dubai!

Thanks to the Flight Deal – there are tremendous deals going on courtesy of Wideroe Airlines on United flights all over the world. There are options as low as $150 for Newark to Milan round-trip! The one I found particularly interesting was for Newark to Dubai just under $300 round-trip! PLUS, this price works for dates around the Dubai Marathon! So, who in NYC wants to run Dubai with me?! 🙂

Apparently, you also have a 24 hour cancellation window so this is definitely the type of situation where you buy first and plan later. Before you book any non-refundable travel associated with this (like hotels), wait for an actual ticket number (not just the confirmation number). Also, since this is being purchased with foreign currency, make sure you use a card with no foreign transaction fee. If you do end up booking for Dubai, let me know so we can plan a get together at the marathon!

To see more on this deal, head over to the Flight Deal.

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  • I will miss the Dubai Marathon because I can’t get all the days off from work. (I’m running my 100th marathon in Baton Rouge the week before).

    I will be arriving in Dubai on 1/24, leaving sunday at 1 am. So, if you are in Dubai that weekend, we can sightsee together.


    • Congrats on the 100th! I will be arriving (into Abu Dhabi) Thursday night and leaving Saturday morning. So, I should have some time after the race on Friday. I haven’t gotten my flight out on Saturday yet – I will probably do Qatar. Let’s keep in touch and see what will work!