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3 Reasons Why You Really Want a Smartwatch Now

Written by Charlie

While you are at home, this is a great time to get a smartwatch. Here are 3 reasons why you really want a smartwatch now – and it will be great to have when you travel again!

There are actually a bunch of good reasons to get a smartwatch and they are pretty good reasons for anytime. But, there are 3 specific reasons I wanted to highlight why you should get a smartwatch for this time.

Why You Should Get a Smartwatch Now

Keeping Track of Your Fitness and Kicking Into Shape

Being stuck at home takes most people out of their routines and that means no gym, fitness center, or things like workouts or games with friends. So, you need something to help you see how active (or, likely, inactive) you are being. A smartwatch can let know how many steps you have in a day, remind you to stand every hour or move around, and even give you workouts right from your wrist.

Plus, watches like the Apple Watch can let you set up competitions with friends. This will get your competitiveness working for you and push you to get those extra steps or at-home workouts in.

Also, some watches can help you track things like your hydration. Again, you are out of your typical routine so any time you can be reminded to take some healthy actions is good! The smartwatch can also deliver your heart rate speed to you so you know how your heart is doing with the house quarantine. 🙂

Nothing to encourage you to do better tomorrow like seeing that you only have 2,000 steps for the day – or less, depending on how close your bedroom and kitchen are!

Contactless Payments

We have always known that actual money can carry quite a lot of germs. This is certainly not a time to be handling a lot of that! Smartphones can do contactless payments as well but why take your phone out of your pocket while out if you don’t need to? That would be one more thing you may want to clean when you get home!

Instead, watches like Samsung, Apple Watch, Garmin and others offer contactless payment solutions so you can just turn your wrist over to pay. Keep things clean and germ-free while you are out!

Pick Up Your Phone Less

There is something I have been seeing on social media quite a bit lately – people talking about how much more they are picking up their phones now that they are at home. Combine that with the amount of somewhat less than positive news going on today and you may want to actually leave your phone on the desk more than normal!

A smartwatch will deliver all of your notifications and watches like the Samsung and Apple Watches will let you control some of those notifications – even responding to messages. This lets you leave the phone where it is and ignore that while taking care of the important things that you need to right from your wrist.

For When Travel Begins!

Then, when travel starts up again, there will be plenty of other uses for a smartwatch as well! This would be for something like the Apple Watch but you can use it to scan as your boarding pass, you can get easy directions delivered to your wrist when driving, and you can get great updates from TripIt on your airport trips!

Which Smartwatch?

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If you are an Apple user, the Apple Watch is just incredible. Sure, there are things on Garmin watches that will work better for runners but if you are an all-around fitness person or need some encouragement for fitness, the Apple Watch is fantastic.

More About the Apple Watch and Garmin

The battery life could be better but it is really a great tool. But, if you want more running choices and metrics, go for a Garmin. They won’t let you have two-way interaction with your messages and such (they will on Android for text messages) but they can still be great for just letting you know what messages are coming in.

I have not used a Samsung watch in a while but I know they are incredible tools for Android users as well!

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Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.

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  • I recently had a heart attack (only 47 🙁 ) and needed to monitor my heart rate. I never would have paid $270 for a smart watch but the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active was too cool to pass up. Now if they’ll just complete the promised ECG monitoring it’ll be fantastic!