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New TripIt Feature Uses iMessage For Keeping People Up-To-Date

New TripIt feature
Written by Charlie

A new TripIt feature is now available on iOS devices that will make it easier than ever to keep people in the look on travel plans! Set it and forget it, TripIt’s way of helping your travels.

TripIt has been doing a great job of continuing to roll out features in their Pro version that really makes the subscription service worth it for people that travel. Their latest feature was just announced that utilizes the new feature in iMessage to help keep people up-to-date about your travel – without doing anything else on your part!

New TripIt Feature Uses iMessage For Keeping People Up-To-Date

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If you are like me, you will often have people ask what flight you are arriving on/departing on if you have plans to meet up with others. For me, that normally means I go to the airline app, get the flight number, and then message that and the time to them. Or, I would setup an alert with the airline with their e-mail address.

New TripIt feature


I am sure others have some other automated ways of getting this done but that has been my extra-step solution for a while. TripIt has the answer to that (for iOS customers) that takes those extra steps completely out of your hands and keeps that information shared up-to-date so the people you have shared your travel info with also do not have to do anything.

Seamless Trip Sharing and Notification with New TripIt Feature

New TripIt feature

With the iMessage apps, you can now select the TripIt app and it will pull up your travel plans. Next, just select the one(s) you want to share and send to the person in the iMessage and then TripIt will constantly keep that up to date. This means you can share your flight info with someone and it will constantly be up to date no matter what. This is a perfect set-and-forget feature that TripIt has continued to help me with in my travels.

More About This New TripIt Feature

“All you have to do is add your plans to TripIt and share them through TripIt for iMessage—we’ll take care of the rest,” said Jen Moyse, director of product for TripIt from Concur. “With dynamic updates, there’s no need to resend your trip details once you have booked the hotel, or added a dinner reservation.”

The new iOS 11 addition also allows TripIt Pro users to share their real-time flight status through iMessage. Anytime a TripIt Pro user’s flight changes—whether that’s a cancellation, delay or gate change—TripIt for iMessage will refresh with the latest information. This gives the person with whom the flight was shared the ability to check the flight’s current status, directly within Messages.

“Whether you’re coordinating a meetup with a colleague or trying to figure out if your friend’s flight is landing on time, TripIt for iMessage now gives you all the information you need. All you have to do is check your text messages,” continued Moyse.

How it Works

TripIt for iMessage makes sharing travel plans as easy as sending a text. It allows TripIt users to send all or part of their travel plans through iMessage with other users. TripIt refreshes those plans when something is added or changed, ensuring everyone in the conversation has the latest information.

New TripIt feature

If a TripIt Pro user shares flight information, anyone receiving that information will be able to check the current status of the flight without leaving Messages.

TripIt will pull the latest trip information when the conversation is active. Everyone must also be signed in to the TripIt app and using iOS 11 to send and receive dynamic trip plans.

A subscription to TripIt Pro ($49/year) is required to send real-time flight updates. If you sign-up through this exclusive link, you can get your first year of TripIt Pro for only $39!


I know that some people will say that they already have some other thing that can do this as well but the truth is that TripIt is rapidly becoming an incredible, all-in-one tool that does many things in a single app that is making travel become less stressful.

From features that will tell you when to leave for your flight, to the new airport maps that take your aircraft info and quickly guides you to your next gate, to now this new feature that will help you to keep people in the loop with the new iMessages app.

I have been a TripIt Pro user for years and love what they continue to provide. If you do not currently have it, try it for a year for only $39 (through this link only) – a 20% discount over what it would normally cost!

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  • Come on i expect better, it is a fine line between advertising and actual genuine useful information. After i read your post above, i ran a quick google search for “imessage flight tracker” and lo and behold. I find a link to an article on imore and how imessage has built in flight tracker for free!
    Example type into imessage “delta flight 84” and send it. Now click on it and it pops up with the current flight, next leg, gate of dep. & arriv. and even baggage terminal! Not a fan of this subscription model to further monetize for the app maker!

    • I guess you didn’t read to the end, and that is fine. But I addressed this very kind of comment – there are other apps and services that can do various parts of what TripIt does but they do it in an all-in-one solution. Plus, you don’t need the Pro version to simply share plans, only for the flight updates.
      For $40-50 per year, it can save some headaches. It has also saved me hundreds with its feature of updating you when prices change on flights already booked.
      That’s the great thing about tech – there are a lot of options. But if you travel a lot and like to keep things consolidated, TripIt is fantastic.
      Again this isn’t an ad as I am paid nothing. I find it very useful is all.

        • Did you ever use worldmate? I used to use that on blackberry about 10 years ago and found it fantastic! I can’t remember if there was a charge, maybe a onetime $5 fee?