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You Won’t Have to File for Travel Authorization to Europe Until 2025 – ETIAS

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Written by Charlie

The ETIAS European travel authorization (and €7 fee) has been delayed once again. Now, it is not coming until at least mid-2025.

Several years ago, it was announced that travelers from over 60 countries of the world would be required to fill out a form and pay a €7 fee to get a travel authorization to enter 30 European countries. This is called the ETIAS – and, yes, Americans are among those that need to apply for this. However, it has been pushed back again and again – and now has been pushed back again!

The ETIAS Delayed Again

The delays started due to Covid and it was said it would go into effect in early 2024. I personally thought this would not happen because it is going to create some major travel headaches. France, as the host for the 2024 Summer Olympics, certainly would not want anything that would stand in the way of those coming for the games.

Here is the information on ETIAS – which is the same as before. It is now said it will come into play sometime in the middle of 2025.

Unfortunately, that is going to change in 2021 2022 2024 2025. At that time, US citizens will need to do a simple application called European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS. This is very similar (and perhaps being done in reciprocity?) to the ESTA that is required for European passport holders visiting the US. This is not a visa! Yes, it has similarities to one but is not in the strictest sense of the definition.

Is This a Visa?

No, this is not a visa, you won’t need to mail anything in, you won’t need to go to an Embassy. All this is a simple, extra step that you would take if you were visiting Australia with a US passport. There will be a website where you submit your information, pay the fee (€7), and then wait for the answer. The answer will likely come within hours though it could take a couple of days.

If there is a denial, the passport holder will have a chance to make an appeal. This system is being setup in a way that will provide a couple of things – a chance to know who is coming before they come, have the information registered about the visitor, and get a little bit of money. Of course, that last little bit helps!

When Will This Happen?

This new ETIAS will be valid for 3 years and will be valid for multiple entry.

To find out more about the ETIAS, check out the official European page with all the current information. 

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