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Watch What Happens if a Drone Hit an Airplane Wing

Written by Charlie

What would happen if a drone hit an airplane wing? This video shows you the damage that could be caused to a wing if such a collision should occur.

Drone photography and videography is becoming very popular and it is a great way to check out beautiful places from a different perspective. However, there is some danger involved with operators that do not pay attention to the rules about where you can fly. There have been too many instances of drones being in the vicinity of aircraft and this video shows what happens if a drone were to strike an aircraft wing.

Watch What Happens if a Drone Hit an Airplane Wing

The University of Dayton Research Institute recently put up a video to show their work on what would happen if a drone strikes an airplane. They used their simulation to have the drone hit the wing at a speed of 238mph. That may be a worse-case speed as the fast consumer drones are at a peak of around 50mph and an aircraft on take off or approach is not going quite that fast.

Still, this video shows how much damage a small consumer drone could cause to the wing of an airplane and the severe damage it would create on the interior of the wing. Even if the drone did not strike the wing, it could hit another part of the airplane and cause real damage that could cause some kind of catastrophic accident. This would certainly be true for smaller, private airplanes but could also have a devastating effect on commercial aircraft as well.

If you are a drone pilot, enjoy the views you get from above! But, make sure you follow the laws and regulations for using drones and do not, ever, get that thing near a real aircraft.

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