What?! Amazon.com Has Small Homes for Sale – With Free Shipping, Of Course!

Written by Charlie

You shop on Amazon.com for everything else, why not buy a small home there as well? Yep, they have them available and with free shipping if you want to build your own mini house in 3 days!

We are gearing up for Amazon Prime Day (yes, that means that you will likely be seeing it all over the internet!) as the giant online retailer runs sales that rival many Black Friday sales.

Amazon.com Has Small Homes for Sale – With Free Shipping!

Link: Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit (yes, this is an affiliate link! 🙂 I don’t know if they payout on this or not but would love to find out!)

People have become used to turning to Amazon for whatever they need – office supplies, toys, electronics, clothes, even food. But, have you ever thought about buying a house on Amazon?

Well, it turns out that Amazon.com actually has small homes for sale (they are being sold by third parties but sell on Amazon). I noticed this in this article by Fox Business.

Believe it or not, they actually have many different mini homes for sale on their site! The descriptions make these out to be great little getaway homes, weekend relaxation spots, even home offices.

The featured home, the Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway, costs $18,800 and comes with free shipping (they say they ship within 3 – 5 weeks – not bad considering your getting a house!). They also say this tiny home of 292 square feet plus a loft takes 2 adults just 2-3 days to construct.

Of course, you will be missing a kitchen and bathroom but if you were going to throw this in the woods someplace, you could always find something out there – as for the kitchen part, a small grill would work very nice here!

There are many other home options as well at various price point and sizes. I noticed one called the Allwood Eagle Vista that is. 1,336 square feet for $64,500 (the reviews are pretty funny on that one!)!

I have to say, if I was in the position to and had a place for it, I would be tempted to snag a tiny home to stash someplace! But, I cannot so if you do, please let me know how it works out (oh, and make sure you buy it through my links – I would love to see the affiliate commission on a house! 🙂)

So, what else does Amazon have left to sell? With CEO Jeff Bezos gunning for space and space tourism, maybe we will see that on the site at some point? We know Amazon likes the travel space and wants to disrupt that a bit like they did retail.

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