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The Wave of the Credit Card Future

There are many of us who have several different credit cards that we always carry with us, or at least know to grab before going to certain stores. There are cards that give bonuses at department stores, others that give bonuses at restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, and many others. I always want to use the best card to give me the most points back, but there have been sometimes that I have forgotten the card and always have a head-slapping moment.

Then there is the other side – when I am out running and am not carrying any cards (or maybe just one). The last thing I want is a bulging wallet in my running clothes! So, I normally just take a couple dollars worth of currency and maybe a credit card, if I am going to be out running for a while. There have been some companies that have put out devices that could carry your credit card info for you, specifically for a runner, but never caught on big time.

While there are some companies that are working to consolidate all of your credit cards into one card to allow you to use it for selection at different places of sale so you can get the most points without having to actually carry the wallet. But, what if you never needed to carry a credit card with you again?

The “Wave” of the Credit Card Future

There is a company in Sweden called Quixter that is trying out a new form of retaining all of your payment information. It stores you personal information, social security number, and payment information and then allows you to wave your hand over a reader to have your veins scanned to provide payment. It takes the information and, twice a month, debits your account for the purchases you have made.

wave of the credit card future

There are 15 different locations in Sweden now that are using this system and it does not cost anything extra to use. You simply enter your four digit code and then swipe your hand over a scanner which will read your veins (which are unique to you) to identify you and charge you for the purchase. At present, the system only pays from one account but it should have the capability at some point that allows you to assign certain stores and purchases to certain cards. Sure, it is in the future before it is widely accepted, but could this be the “wave” of the credit card future? 🙂


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