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Very Cool! Explore the Faroe Islands from Home By Controlling a Local!

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Written by Charlie

Now you can explore the beautiful Faroe Islands from the comfort of your home – by controlling a local as they make their way around the islands!

With worldwide travel basically ground to a halt, there are many would-be travelers that are dreaming of getting out there and checking out new places when the time is right. One place that has been on the bucket lists of many people when they see pictures of it is the Faroe Islands. Now, you can take control of a virtual tourist to “tour” the beautiful islands.

Control a Virtual Tourist on the Faroe Islands

Link: Faroe Islands Tourism

The Faroe Islands are located north of Scotland and about equal in distance between Iceland and Norway. There are some beautiful photographs that you can find from this chain of islands. Now, you can “visit” it through the live eyes of a local – and even control that local to browse around!

When Are These “Tours”?

There are two tours each day through at least April 25. The one I am “on” started at 9AM NYC time so check that out tomorrow. The second tour of the day starts at 12:00PM NYC time.

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The Faroe Islands Takes Virtual Travel to Another Level with a Remotely Controlled Local Tour Guide:
Homebound travellers dreaming of the far reaches of the world can, for the first time, remotely explore one of the most beautiful and pristine places on the planet – the Faroe Islands – with an innovative new travel tool that brings the destination to life from the comfort of one’s home.
This is now possible as Faroese locals will be equipped with a live video camera, allowing virtual visitors not only to see the views from an on-the-spot perspective, but also Control Where And How They Explore, by using their computer or phone keypad to turn, walk, run and even jump. Just like a real-life computer game, the main player will control the moves of the Faroese islander/s, who will not only explore locations on foot, but also take to the skies by helicopter giving the virtual visitors a bird’s eye perspective on this beautiful island nation’s steep grassy slopes, its 80,000 sheep and its unspoilt, wild and natural countryside.
Every day for the next few days you can take control and
To experience the Faroe Islands as a virtual tourist through a local, go to

This just started last week and is a really cool way for people to see such a beautiful place – and learn from the local guide – from wherever you are. My “tour” started on the sea in a traditional boat with the guide talking about the surrounding areas and the construction of the boat itself.

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Each person that is present (and on the list – I had problems so I kept getting a “Queue Full” message but could still watch it) is able to control the local for one minute. These controls let you direct front, left, right, or backward. When on land, it will let you run and jump as well. 🙂

While in the boat, the directional controls let the one in control at the time show which direction the boat will go in. Of course, the run and jump commands do not work 🙂 though some controllers did try that out! Also, the local was experiencing some technical difficulties during my “tour” and was very apologetic about it – but, seriously, I didn’t care because this whole thing is just really cool and free!

This is definitely a cool way to experience the Faroe Islands in a way that goes beyond just watching some travel video about the islands.

Thanks to reader Christian for the tip on this!

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