Use SPG Starpoints For Two Tickets To The World Series!

Written by Charlie

You can use your Starpoints to bid for two tickets to this year’s World Series! If your team(s) is in the mix, this could be a great redemption!

I am a big baseball fan, although a somewhat disappointed one as my Yankees fell out early. 🙁 I have enjoyed being at several games at various stadiums but the one kind of game I have never attended but would love to someday is a World Series game. I think I will save that experience for when my Yankees really are in the World Series, but just being there no matter who was in it would be a big deal!

Use Starpoints For World Series Tickets!


You could get 2 tickets to the World Series with just your Starpoints!

SPG Moments Sport Link

Well, if you want to go this year and you have Starpoints (SPG), you can bid on World Series tickets. I love SPG Moments, the redemption method that SPG uses to allow members to use their points on experiences. They have had some pretty great ones over the years and consistently have baseball packages available throughout the year (which is great for Cub fans as many of them are for Cub games). But, you can also use them to get World Series tickets.

Different games are at different bidding points as of right now. The earliest package, for Game 1, ends the bidding tomorrow. Right, you would be bidding now not knowing who is going to be in the World Series. But, if you just want to have the experience, that might be the game to get the best deal on in the auction.

Here is the auction schedule and current bidding amount for the games:

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Games Held In – New York, Chicago, Toronto, or Kansas City

Of course, you don’t know where Game 1 will be played yet, though we do know that it will be in either Kansas City or Toronto (the American League won the All-Star game and home-field advantage for the World Series). That means Games 2, 6, and 7 (if needed) will also be held in those cities. Games 3-5 will be held in either New York City or Chicago.

If you are in the Northeast US, you may want to bid for games 3-5 since they will be held in somewhat close proximity to you (not to mention, both NYC and Chicago are cities that you can fly to using British Airways Avios).

What Is Included

Transportation is obviously not included so you are on your own to get there and to stay there, wherever there ends up being. The tickets you win are non refundable. There are two packages available for bidding on each game and each package comes with 2 tickets. You can only win one package so the most you can win (from a single account) is 2 tickets.

The auction does not specify the cost of the tickets but reseller tickets are already at a minimum of $375 per ticket (with some coming in at $2,000 per ticket) so the current value would be at least $750 for a package. I would value Starpoints at at least 2 cents per point but everyone values them differently. If it is a dream of yours to attend the World Series and your team has a good shot at getting in it, this could be a great opportunity.

Not only that, but imagine if the middle games are played in Chicago? If you are there for Game 4 or 5, you could be present for history in the making (the Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908 and have not been in it since 1945).

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