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US Airways 100% Transfer Bonus

US Airways is running a 100% transfer bonus through October 31st. This can be very useful for those of you who have gotten in on the US Airways Mastercard offer that I talked about before. That card gives 40,000 US Airways Dividend miles after your first purchase. This transfer offer can also be useful to those of you have any amount of miles in a US Airways account.

US Airways 100% Transfer Bonus

Here are the details:

  • Promotion runs from October 1 – 31
  • Must be a Dividend miles member for 12 days before initiating transfer (obviously, if you have miles, you already have an account, but if you need an account to transfer to, you need to set that up soon – link)
  • Maximum of 50,000 miles can be transferred to an account (not counting the bonus)
  • Each transfer has a processing fee of $30 plus a tax of 7.5%
  • It costs 1 cent per mile transferred (so 50,000 miles would cost a total of $567.50 to transfer and you would receive 50,000 bonus miles).

How Is This Good?

This is very helpful for people wanting US Airways miles quickly or want them at a good rate. Let’s look at some scenarios to see the cost/benefit ratio:

  • Ticket cost to the Middle East – $1300 / Miles required – 80,000 miles / If you transfer 40,000, it would cost $460 for that award ticket to the Middle East
  • Business ticket to North Asia (like Japan, China, Hong Kong) – $5700 / Miles required – 90,000 / if you transfer 45,000, it would cost $513.75 for that business class award ticket
  • Domestic ticket – $250 – $600 / Miles required – 25,000 / If you transfer 13,000 miles, it would cost $169.75 for that domestic award ticket
  • Business ticket to Europe (during Jan. 1 – Feb. 15) – $3500 / Miles required – 60,000 / If you transfer 30,000 miles, it would cost $352.50 for that business class award ticket

As you can see with these few examples, this is a great deal for any ticket that cost you more than 1.2 cents per mile required for the trip. If you have the money available, this is a wonderful way to get some other tickets for less. Let me know if you have any questions or need help figuring out your specific trip need.

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