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Uber Is Going to Start Delivering Meals by Drone – From McDonalds

Written by Charlie

Uber Eats is taking to the skies and will start delivering food to customers from McDonald’s with their latest drone project. Find out where and when!

Uber Eats is going to all new heights this summer, at least in San Diego to start. They will be taking to the skies with drones for food deliveries. The first food that will be on the delivery menu? Believe it or not, McDonalds.

Uber Is Going to Start Delivering Meals by Drone – From McDonald’s

The new program, part of Uber Elevate, will be launching as a trial in San Diego this year and will start with McDonald’s and two other, local cafes. Rather than delivering the food directly to your home, they will land at either a preselected landing area or on Uber vehicles for delivery to the home. The cost? The same as with Uber Eats.

I understand that many companies are going to be positioning for drone delivery systems (Google already has an “airline” and Amazon is trialing deliveries as well). I like the idea as it can quickly get items to where you need them without having to wait to be #16 on the Amazon delivery person’s schedule (like, if you REALLY need something!).

What I don’t understand is this drone market getting crowded with McDonald’s. I actually do like a very occasional McDonald’s double cheeseburger (especially in the middle of a 30-35 mile training run!). And, given the number of people who frequent McDonald’s, I am not alone in that preference. But, in the markets where drone delivery will be a big thing, there are McDonald’s everywhere. Is it that hard to find a BigMac that we need to start having some drone traffic reserved for that?

I get that McDonald’s wants to expand a bit – I mean, they are like mini US Embassies in Austria now! But, I guess I am just not part of the market for this delivery system!

I will say that for people who are unable to get out, I totally see delivery systems for that – which I know Uber Eats and others are there for. But, if someone has to walk to the drone drop spot, not sure that they are the market people for it either.

What do you think about this latest drone delivery market?

Source: Bloomberg

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