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Triple Stack for Luggage Savings: 20% Cash Back, eBags Coupon, and Amex Offer

Written by Charlie

If you are in the market for new luggage, try out this triple stack savings effort! It will save you a lot of money on luggage, even over Amazon! But, time is running out.

Something that never fails is luggage sales. They come around a few times a year and that includes manufacturer sales as well. But, one of the chief ways to save some big money on luggage sales is when you can triple stack the savings with eBags. As always, you will want to check it against what you could save on Amazon, but you are still likely to come out way ahead with these deals at eBags.

Triple Stack for Luggage Savings at eBags

Step 1 – Save Amex Offer

new amex offers

One of the very frequent Amex Offers has been back for a while now but it is even better than previous times. That is because you can now save $20 instead of the routine $15 or $10, but you must spend $100 to trigger that.

Since you can only save it on one card, pick the card you want to use at eBags and save that Amex Offer to that card and head to step 2.

Step 2 – TopCashBack Shopping Portal


Link: TopCashBack Portal for eBags

Before heading right to, you want to make a quick stop at TopCashBack. Until tomorrow, they are offering 20% cash back on your purchases from eBags! That is pretty nice already but when you mix it with the other parts, it gets even better!

Do note: if you use a coupon code that is not approved of by TopCashBack, you will not get the cash back. However, they have always had it that coupons on the retailers website available for anyone would count for it. This is important to know because eBags does have a better coupon than the TopCashBack link, but you should know that they could decide to not honor the higher coupon.

Once you click the TopCashBack shopping button for eBags, you will be taken there and a 20% off code will be added for your cart.

Step 3 – Shop and Save at eBags

If you clicked the TopCashBack link, you will be greeted with a message like the one above. This means you are ready to shop and save on brands that are not excluded from this coupon. Some things like Briggs&Riley, Tumi, electronics, and others are excluded as well as Steal of the Day items and Top Deals.

The alternate coupon that is available directly on eBags website

If you want to try it, you can use the code that is found on the eBags home page instead – ONEDAY. Just remember that there is no guarantee that you will get the cash back with it though I have received cash back in the past from codes found on the retailer’s website.

Putting it All Together – Is it a Good Deal?

Ok, now that we have our components, is this really a great deal? By itself, the eBags coupon is nothing out of the ordinary. Pretty much any day of the week they offer some kind of a coupon and that just brings many of the prices in line with what someplace like Amazon would charge for the same bag. The example I will use is the Travelpro – Crew 11 21″ Expandable Spinner with USB PortThis is listed as being retail price of $460 – no way! That is Tumi / Briggs&Riley territory and this is definitely not that.

But, Amazon’s price is $172.75 for the black. After the coupon code for 20% off at eBags, the eBags price is $175.99. Here is where the other stuff comes into play:

  • Original price – $219
  • Coupon discount – $44
  • Cash back from TCB – $35
  • Amex Offer credit – $20
  • Total price after everything – $120

That is a $52 savings over Amazon.

However, Amazon has some stacking as well:

  • Amazon price – $172
  • Use a card that has 5% back (or a gift card purchased for 5%) – $8.60
  • Go through TopCashBack for 7% back – $12.04
  • Final price from Amazon – $151.36

So, the real final savings is $31 – still a good reason to go with eBags!

Of course, that is just one item but make sure you check your options!

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