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The New Emirates First Class Suites Look Stunning!

new emirates first class suites
Written by Charlie

The reveal of the new Emirates First Class Suites is here – and they are stunning! They have made significant improvements to give it an incredible look!

Today, at the Dubai Airshow, Emirates Airlines did the big reveal of their upgraded cabins aboard their 777 (which is the plane they use for their Newark – Athens route, the JFK – Milan uses the A380). Here is the new Emirates First Class suites!

The New Emirates First Class Suites Look Stunning!

Link: New Emirates First Class Release

Emirates has an incredible first class already, though I found it to be a bit too blingy and tight for a first class seat (not surprising due to how many seats they had in First Class). The new Emirates First Class suites really go a long way in creating an incredibly new and stunning experience and will certainly rival just about any First Class out there. Singapore just released their new first class suites last week so now we have another new product to check out!

Here are the images (courtesy of Emirates) of the incredible new Emirates First Class Suites.

new emirates first class suites

The suites are more spacious than the older Emirates First Class but still have sliding doors. | Courtesy of Emirates

As you can see in the first photo, it seems like Emirates has dialed down a little on the bling, or at least, spread it more out so it is not so in your face. Also, the doors to go floor-to-ceiling – nice touch!

new emirates first class suites

This is the zero gravity position in the Emirates First Class suites | Courtesy of Emirates

One of the cool features of the new first class suites is how they will still give “the view” to passengers in middle aisle with “virtual windows” that use cameras to show the view from outside so people can still get that view from the center seat.

For passengers with the real windows, they will be provided with binoculars should they want to explore a bit – not exactly something I had ever thought I was missing in first class, but a nice touch!

new emirates first class suites

The bed version of the new Emirates first class

My biggest complaint about the “old” Emirates first class (I know, complaining about first class is definitely #firstworldproblems!) was that the suites were more narrow and when in bed mode, it felt a bit cramped. This new suite definitely gives more space. Not the kind of space that Singapore’s new suites have but much more than before.

new emirates first class suites

Courtesy of Emirates

The extra room will help with the dining aspect as well. Also included in these new suites is a video phone feature to communicate with the staff. This way, you can keep the suites closed and still communicate directly with the crew. A nice touch for those that would like to make a request, especially since Emirates has on-call dining. Not only that, but passengers will have a service window through which the crew will serve drinks – very nice!

new Emirates First Class suites

The Ghaf Tree motif – on a suite that looks nothing like it is on an airplane! | Courtesy of Emirates


The new Emirates First Class suites have a 32″ LCD HD TV unit which will have their huge availability of entertainment – over 2,500 channels or the ability to use your own device to connect.

Schedule of New Emirates First Class Suites

The newly outfitted Emirates 777 with the new Emirates First Class suites will start flying between Dubai and Geneva and Dubai and Brussels on December 1.


The new Emirates First Class suites are certainly stunning! How they will compete with everyone else will likely come down to the overall soft product. Emirates has done amazing with this in the past so I think they will continue to excel here. All in all, I can’t wait until they put this on the Athens to Newark route as I will have to give it a try then!

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