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The Man With The Most Credit Cards & His Reconsideration Strategy

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Written by Charlie

Find out about the man that has more credit cards than anyone else and what his reconsideration strategy was when he was rejected.

The story that has been floating around for a few days has actually been around for quite sometime (I first saw something about this a couple/few years ago). It is about a man, Walter Cavanagh, who is known as “Mr. Plastic Fantastic” for his passion for having credit cards – 1,497 credit cards to be exact! Read about some of the stats and his reconsideration strategy.

The Man With The Most Credit Cards

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Walter’s pile would stretch out for almost 200 feet like this! | Courtesy of Shutterstock

His road to the most credit cards started out as a bet back in the 60s with a friend to see who could get the most credit cards in a year. He pulled in a staggering 143 credit cards in the space of a single year! And then he just kept going and going. Today, his wallet is 250 feet long and weighs 38 pounds!

Today, his total number of credit cards is 1,497 but he only uses a single card now. His credit score is nearly perfect (something to yet again prove people wrong who say having a lot of credit cards kills your credit score!) and his total amount of credit at his disposal is $1.7 million! Not too bad!

His Reconsideration Strategy

Play the credit card game long enough and you will eventually get a pending or even a denial when you apply for a particular card. Many times, for people like us, that denial will come in the form of something that says we have had too many inquiries. You can imagine what a rep must think when this gentleman’s credit report is displayed! 🙂

When he has received a rejection, his reconsideration strategy was to “send the company a letter explaining his goal of continuing to hold the world record.” (ABC News) In his credit history, he was actually only completely denied one card to which he still does not have to this day.

I wonder if that is a new reconsideration strategy we could use? “Yes, I am trying to collect the most credit cards I can so that I can set a new world record.” Think that could work for us? 🙂

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