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The Apple Card Adds Nike as a 3% Earning Partner

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Written by Charlie

Are you a big Nike shopper? If you are and have the Apple Card, you can now earn 3% cash back since the Apple Card adds Nike as one of its newest 3% vendors.

The Apple Card launched to much excitement from loyal Apple fans but was not of interest enough to those of us who enjoy credit card rewards to entice most of us. However, Apple has been adding retailers over the last few months into their more lucrative 3% cash back category. Now, they have added a sports retailer and a big one – Nike.

Nike Now Earns 3% with the Apple Card

As a refresher, there are 3 different earning structures with the Apple Card:

  • 1% cash back when using the physical card
  • 2% cash back when using the Apple Card with Apple Pay
  • 3% cash back when using the Apple Card with Apple Pay at certain vendors/retailers

The list of those vendors in the 3% cash back column now are:

  • Uber
  • UberEats
  • T-Mobile
  • Walgreens
  • Duane Reade
  • Nike

Nike is the first retailer to that list that does not have better earnings with another credit card. This makes this a bit more appealing to fitness enthusiasts, especially those that go through a lot of clothes or shoes (I go through 2-3 pairs of shoes in a normal marathon training program). It helps as well that you can still go through a shopping portal to earn bonuses through there as well (though some have language about not potentially paying out when using smart wallets so keep that in mind).

Does this make the Apple Card more appealing now? Certainly to a few, I’m sure, but not overall. What I do find appealing is that Apple is adding more and more vendors to this list. This works out great with their occasional promotions when using Apple Pay as well (like they have had with Nike in the past). So, if you do have an Apple Card and are a fitness enthusiast, the Apple Card should now be the one you use for Nike purchases!

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