The Amazon Fire TV Units Soon To Be Great For Hotels

Amazon Fire TV
Written by Charlie

I have written before about using your own devices to bring your own entertainment to hotels. It certainly beats crummy TV programming (in several places) or international programming when you are abroad. The biggest problem with using devices like Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV/Stick is the fact that many hotels have WiFi paywalls. That is where you have to enter a username and password on the network page instead of just entering a password for the network itself.

Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV

The “easy” way around that is to use your own WiFi network – bringing a small, portable router to plugin to the wired connection in your room. Of course, the better way would be able to directly connect your device to the hotel’s WiFi.

In the next couple of weeks, Amazon will be rolling out an update to their TV interface devices that will bring the ability to access hotel WiFi paywalls. This will be a great help to the devices and surely make them more interesting to road warriors. I have a Fire Stick and it is an incredible device. Having several Amazon videos, I am able to simply plug that into any TV and have access to those anywhere. With this new update, it will make it much easier at any hotel that has a paywall.

In addition to that feature, the update will also bring some pretty cool bits to the Fire TV (not Stick). It will enable the Fire TV to have USB storage for apps and videos and will also allow Bluetooth headphones to be used with it.

Amazon Fire TV Deals

Right now, there is a special promotion ongoing that gives you free months of Sling TV with the purchase of these devices. I had a trial of Sling TV and it works pretty great and has a good amount of content.

Amazon Fire TV – Regular price $99 – Sign up for 3 months of Sling TV at $20 per month for a $50 discount on the TV

Amazon Fire Stick – Regular price $39 – Sign up for 3 months of Sling TV at $20 per month and get a free Amazon Fire Stick

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