Thank You!

Thank You
Written by Charlie

On this special day in America, I just wanted to say Thank You to some very special people. Without them and their service, I would not be able to enjoy some of what I am able to today.

Today is November 11, the day that the United States celebrates as Veterans Day. On this special day where we are officially recognize our veterans, I just wanted to take a few words to say “Thank You!”

Thank You!

Thank You

Thank you, to all who have served.

As an asthmatic, I was never able to join the military. However, I have friends and family that have served and am extremely grateful to them and each and everyone of you who made the decision to take an oath and put on a uniform in our Armed Forces. Thank you for serving in the place of and for me and people like me who were never able to serve in uniform.

As a blogger, I recognize and greatly appreciate the freedoms that you protect that allow me to be able to write whatever I choose without threat of death or imprisonment at the hands of the government. Thank you.

As a traveler, I have been to many countries and any time our military has come up in conversation, there has always been an interest, an admiration, and respect for the men and women in our military by those in other countries. Having made friends with people that serve in militaries in other countries, I know first hand the way that many of them speak about our military. When they have the chance to see you, they are in somewhat of awe of the uniform, the training, the bearing that you carry yourself with. Thank you for your representation of our armed forces and our nation to the world.

As a runner, I frequently run races where I will see and run with others that are not with all of their limbs as they had lost them in service to our country. Yet, they are still out there using the incredible perseverance and mental strength that may have driven them to join in the first place but was also honed during training and service. Thank you for being an inspiration and continuing to push others, myself included.

As an American, I am always filled with pride to see our flag wherever I am in the world. Knowing the decision that you have made to wear that flag and fight in honor and defense of the flag and what it stands for makes me humbled to be a citizen of this great nation. Thank you for signing up and stepping up, prepared to fight for and in defense of this country. Thank you.

I would like to thank all of you veterans of the United States Armed Forces and offer this thanks publicly. I would also like to thank and recognize two bloggers here on BoardingArea who are current military as well – BG Glenn Gloddard and LCDR Andy Sheep. I had the privilege and honor of running the last marathon run – on the Marine Corps Marathon course – with Glenn and thoroughly enjoyed the hours we got to spend together and getting to know him more. Thank you both for your service! You can check out their blog here – The Military Frequent Flyer.

6 marathon

Glenn and myself at our finish line of the last marathon run – the Marine Corps Memorial. Thank you, Glenn, for the service and the run!

Honor Our Veterans With This As Well

If you are not a veteran and would like to join me in honoring them in a special way, please consider donating on behalf of the event that I ran in September. The charity I had selected for the round-the-world run was the Wounded Warrior Project and I would be honored if you would donate something to them on this Veterans Day. You can find out more information about the project and run here.

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