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Tech Deals: Two Good iPad Deals for $249 Each

Written by Charlie

Want a new iPad for yourself or as a gift? There are two iPad deals available right now that are on sale for just $249 each. These prices won’t last long so check them out.

If you are in the market for a new iPad, there are two great deals going on now that could be just what you are looking for. One of them is for the same price that it was available at on Black Friday and the other is at a price it has not been at for a long time (which is an absolute shame).

Tech Deals: Two Good iPad Deals for $249 Each

2018 9.7″ iPad – $249

Link: 2018 iPad 9.7″ for $249 Sale

This one is the same deal we saw over the Black Friday weekend. The regular price for the 32GB is $329 but you can get it now on Amazon again for $249. There are some things to like about this. First of all, it is the best non-“pro” iPad out right now (it was released earlier this year). Also, it is the only non-“pro” iPad to be compatible with the Apple Pencil. It works really well and lets you markup documents, take notes, or do some great drawing (if you can actually draw – it doesn’t make the greatness for you 🙂 ).

This is the 32GB model so it won’t be great if you want to load up content. If you want to move up to the 128GB model, it will cost your $349 (also on sale but not as good as Black Friday). With many people using the cloud, though, 32GB may be perfect for your needs.

iPad Mini for $249

Link: iPad Mini 4 128GB for $249

This is a good deal but it is a shame that this is what we call a good deal on this iPad. Unless you love the smaller form factor of 7.9″, there is really no reason to choose this one over the one above (unless you really need the extra storage, too). This is because Apple has chosen not to update this iPad model for some years now so it is using older internals while regularly being at a $399 price point. At $399, it is definitely not worth it. But, for $249, it is a pretty good deal.

I have owned this model before and I can tell you that it is fantastic to have a smaller device that runs the tablet version of iOS for several apps that I used on a daily basis. It could work out great for something to put in your jacket or keep in a briefcase as well. It is really a very travel-friendly size as well.


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