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Tech Deals: Save Big on Latest Apple iPads – up to $100

Written by Charlie

The latest iPads are on sale – up to $100 off regular prices! The iPad Air is an awesome option for anyone looking for power, portability, and price.

Apple’s iPads have become incredibly popular and that is especially true for travelers! I use my iPad Pro on every trip I make, thanks to its thin size, its incredible power, and the fact that it has built in cellular. Here are some great iPad deals that could help you land one this year.

Big Deals on Latest iPads

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There are a couple of new iPads that came out this year – and they are both on sale. First up is the 2022 Apple iPad Air. This is actually a very perfect iPad for most people. It not only has the thin bezels that made their appearance on the iPad Pro lineup first but it also has the Apple M1 chip which makes this thing blazing fast. I have the 11″ iPad Pro with that same chip and it can run anything I throw at it with ease.

The iPad Air is coming in at $499 with this sale, a $100 discount off regular price. And it was just released this year! That $499 gets you the 10.9″ iPad with 64GB of storage. Personally, that is too little of storage for me since I do a lot of photo editing on my iPad and if you are like me, you can step up to the 256GB for that same $100 off. Even the cellular models are also $100 off.

Next up is the newest iPad, the 10.9″ basic iPad. I am personally confused by it because it borrows the design of the iPad Air without being as powerful as it but is close to the same price. It is definitely not as entry level as the normal $329 iPad so a sale on this is certainly welcome! The sale price on this is $399, down from $449, and the basic model of this comes with 64GB of storage as well.

Like I said, I use my iPad Pro every single day and, thanks to its Magic Keyboard, it functions a lot like a laptop for me when I need it. I have written hundreds of blog posts on it and it is so convenient to then just take it off and use it as a tablet.

By the way, both of the above iPads work with keyboards like this also!

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