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Starting Today, Use Netflix In Over 190 Countries!

Written by Charlie

As of today, you can use Netflix in over 190 countries around the world! This is a huge update that brought on 130 countries today!

Netflix has been available in several countries for a while now but if you were traveling in one of the over 100 countries where it was not available, you had to use a VPN service to access it while traveling. However, that has all changed today!

Starting Today, Use Netflix In Over 190 Countries!


I know there are many people that have their Netflix account and like to be able to use that when traveling globally as opposed to local television. Of course you want to be out checking out the city you are in but it can certainly help to relax with something familiar at night! Using a VPN while in countries that did not have Netflix used to be the only way to access it while in those countries. However, at today’s keynote at CES in Las Vegas, the Netflix CEO announced that the switch had been flipped and Netflix was now available in over 130 new countries bringing the total to over 190 countries where you can now stream Netflix.

But, this new rollout still leaves a huge number of the population without direct access – China. Netflix says they are still exploring options for there. It will also not be available in North Korea, Syria, or Crimea because of sanctions. Not to mention that the internet might be a little slow to stream it in North Korea anyway. 🙂 A full list of the countries where it is now available can be seen here.


The map where Netflix is now available | From

If you have Netflix and want to take advantage of this new development while traveling internationally, remember that you can stream it to any smart device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet). Also, you can use some device like Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, or Apple TV to watch it while connected to televisions in hotels.

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