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Written by Charlie

If you want to get periodic discount codes that bring down the price on great gear for running and triathlons, make sure you sign up for this running store’s newsletter! The most recent deal was for 20% off the latest Garmin watches!

It is a funny thing with getting deals from some manufacturers – they have controls in place with resellers to keep the price at the regular price except for manufacturer sales. Apple used to be much more strict like that as was Under Armour.

Subscribe for This Running Store’s Newsletter – If You Like Deals on Fitness Gear

Garmin Discounts Can Be Hard to Find – Sometimes

Garmin is similar to that as well, though I don’t think they are as strict as they used to be. Still, stores try to keep site wide discounts that work on Garmin devices to a controlled audience so they don’t lose a lot of money if it gets out. Or, possibly Garmin is ok with it if the discount is not a public offer and just available through a newsletter (probably the main reason).

Last year, I found a deal on Garmin devices on a Saturday and when the staff of the store came in on Monday, I was there first phone call as they realized that the hundreds of orders that had come in were directed from this site. They pleaded with me to take it down because they had not intended it to go public (though that was not apparent to me or I would not have posted it).

TriSports Is Great for Deals and Rewards

Link: TriSports (sign-up for their newsletter via popup or on the bottom right)

The most recent sale that took 20% off the latest Garmin Fenix watches

Anyway, if you want some great deals on Garmin devices, you need to sign up for newsletters from TriSports. This store was sold to a larger company last year but I have found their current management to be as great as the last owners. Last year, they had an unbelievable 30% off discount code that worked on Garmin devices! I was able to pick up the Garmin VIRB 360 at that price to try it out for a bit.

They have gone a route which keeps the site wide discounts that do work on Garmin devices to only their newsletter recipients. They had a 20% off site wide sale on Labor Day and I had a post ready to go about it since it brought the brand new Garmin Fenix 5 Plus devices to much lower prices. However, as I experimented with some products, I had noticed that the main page would not discount those Garmin items for me – even when I used the discount code. The discount only was applied when I clicked the link in the newsletter.

Sign-Up for Newsletter and Rewards Program for Deals!

An example of the great discounts only available to newsletter subscribers

So, if you want to get access when they run their awesome site wide discounts to save on Garmin devices, definitely sign-up for their newsletter here! Not only that, they have a pretty nice point/rewards program that will reward you with points to redeem on future purchases! This is a nice 10% rebate to redeem down the road. So, you could save 20-30% on Garmin items and pick up points to use later.

These site wide discounts come out around major shopping holidays – Memorial Day, Black Friday, Labor Day, July 4th, etc. When you get an e-mail about them, it is normally just for one day so act fast!

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