Streak Going Strong And Miles Climbing

Written by Charlie

Late last year, I shared some of my goals for the coming year. At the time, I had mentioned that I had a big event planned that I had hoped would come to fruition that I felt would be of great interest here. Unfortunately, that event did not come to pass, but I did replace it with what is an even bigger event – running 6 marathons on 6 continents in 4 1/2 days. Plus, all of the travel will be accomplished using miles and points and less than $230!

On a more daily level, I shared that I was starting another running streak. I had done a streak a few years ago, kind of by accident, but I had stopped at day 107. This time, I really wanted to make it through the year, running at least 1 mile every day. Well, today is day 107 so I have tied my longest streak! Even better, my mileage is really climbing (since I am preparing for the world run event, it is imperative to increase my mileage anyway). The typical rule of thumb is not to increase weekly mileage more than 10-20% over the previous week. I have been siding more towards the 10% (with some exceptions!) so I do not get injured as I increase.


My mileage week-by-week for 2015


The beginning of the year was pretty slow for me. Because of various circumstances (including tons of rain on very slippery streets), I did several days of only 1 or 2 miles. But, now I am at 671 miles on the year so far with just about 200 of that coming just in the month of April. The last couple of weeks have seen over 70 miles per week and that will be climbing again to 80 miles soon. The streak is working out well for me as the my longer runs take place on Friday and Saturday (with middle length runs on Mondays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays) so I hold my runs of just a mile or two for Sunday. It is a nice way to stay loose and still get my days in without overdoing it (at this point). Once we get to June – August, my weekly totals will be between 105 – 150 miles per week so I want to make sure I build slow enough to allow for that.

Of course, this streak is really nothing in the whole running streak world. There is the incredible Robert Kraft who’s running streak has lasted longer than 40 years averaging at least 8 miles per day! That is an incredible streak! However, it is always good to have goals and I am happy that I have kept up with this little one as we are about 1/3 through the year.

How about you? Where are you at with your goals for 2015?

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