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Spring Break 2019 Travel – These International Destinations are the Hot Spots This Year

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The data is in and for Spring Break 2019 travel, international destinations are some of the new hot spots. See which cities climbed the list and which cities have dropped this year.

To figure out what the hot spots for Spring Break 2019, Hipmunk went through a ton of data to find out which cities are up and which are down. The general takeaway? International destinations have gone up – way up for this year.

Spring Break 2019 Travel – International Destinations are the New Hot Spots

Link: Hipmunk Guide to Spring Break 2019 Travel

While New York City and Las Vegas are still at the top of the list, international destinations have been jumping for designations that have been searched for this year. Cities like Tokyo, London, Paris, Cancun, and Hong Kong are all in the top 20. In fact, Hong Kong jumped 19 places on the search list for this year’s Spring Break.

Spring break 2019 travel

Make sure you click the image to see the full breakdown of the top 50 cities

Florida and Arizona destinations have gone down quite a bit this year. Maybe it is the super cheap flights that we have seen over the last few months to those international destinations that have caused these cities to go up. In fact, it has been cheaper to go to places like Tokyo and Paris than it has been to buy flights to some places in Florida and Arizona!

To see all the good data and the chart on median hotel prices for the top 50 cities, check out this page that Hipmunk has put together.

If you are looking for someplace warm for this year’s Spring Break period, at least now you know some of the popular cities for this year.

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