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Sign-Up for NordVPN Today and Get 40X Amex Points or 40% Cash Back!

Written by Charlie

Today only, you can stack some deals and savings to get NordVPN for 3 years and get 40X Amex points (or 40% cash back – your choice).

Even if you are not traveling right now, there are many good reasons why you should use a VPN. Not only does it provide for more secure internet access while you are online (especially at public access points) but it can also unlock some deals or show different pricing options if you can change your virtual location to be more “local” to the destination!

Get 40X Amex Points or 40% Cash Back with NordVPN

Link: Sign-Up for NordVPN and Get Big Points or Cash Back

I will say right up front – I have never used NordVPN so I do not have personal experience with it. I had another VPN I used for a long time (HMA) and am now using ExpressVPN. I have heard many great things about NordVPN, including that they had been one of the most recommend for quite a while.

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NordVPN+Rakuten = Big Amex Point Earnings!

So, if you are in the market for a VPN, you might as well give NordVPN a try! I mean, check out this deal. You can sign-up for 3 years for a total of $125 or $3.49 per month when it breaks down. That comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can give it a ride and see how you like it.

But, for the points hunter, the deal gets even sweeter. For today only (August 6), you can also earn 40X Amex Membership Reward points on a purchase from NordVPN when you go through Rakuten. That means that if you sign-up for 3 years, you will get 5,000 Amex points for signing up.

If you would rather take the cash back, you will get $50 cash back on your $125 purchase. Not bad!

New Members Can Earn More

But, to coin the old, horrible TV phrase “but, wait, there’s more!” there actually is a bit more. If you have never signed up for Rakuten before, you can sign-up using this link (my link that will earn me points as well – thanks!) and once you spend $30 on anything through any store through Rakuten, you will get another 3,000 Amex points or $30 back.

So, if you use that with this purchase, you will get 8,000 Amex points for $125 of 3 years of VPN service. Not that bad! See this post for more about that.

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