Seoul Marathon Offering Full Refunds Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Written by Charlie

The Seoul Marathon is offering full refunds to runners and considering their options due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in Seoul. Find out how to request a refund.

Right now, the huge Seoul Marathon is considering, as they say, “now considering various options including the worst-case scenario.” This comes on the heels of the Tokyo Marathon cancelling for all but elites. Unlike Tokyo, however, the Seoul Marathon is offering full refunds.

Seoul Marathon Offering Full Refunds

The coronavirus, COVID-19, has hit South Korea in a hard manner over the last few days. As a result, the Seoul Marathon, which is scheduled to take place March 22, 2020, is looking at their options. This series of events that day attract 40,000 runners so it is a major running event.

But, the Seoul Marathon committee has just today released a statement about their decision to offer full refunds to anyone that wishes to cancel now. They go on to say that if the marathon is cancelled, they will give full refunds to all participants anyway.

This is incredibly kind and generous and will certainly build goodwill for future marathons. The Tokyo Marathon (one of 6 World Marathon Majors) chose to not offer any refunds to their thousands of runners – and that decision has not settled well at all.

Big props to Seoul for making this great step and I know that the coming days will certainly be anxious for any runners as they await word as to whether the marathon will be cancelled or not.

How to Request a Seoul Marathon Refund?

Seoul Marathon has made it quite easy to request your refund – simply go to this page and put your information in to start the process.

If the marathon is cancelled, refunds will be processed by the organization.

Now, there will be many runners wondering about the Milan Marathon which is due to take place April 5. Milan has taken some major actions to close and cancel many things already but April 5 is still a ways off. I will keep readers updated as to any changes for any marathons.

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