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Deal Alert: How to Save $60 on the Brand New GoPro HERO8 Black or GoPro Max 360 Camera

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Written by Charlie

The brand new GoPro HERO8 Black has been announced – and this post shows you how you can save $60 on the new GoPro HERO cameras already!

You may have missed it, but today GoPro announced their latest round of action cameras. They have had a lot of competition since last year with DJI coming at them hard with two separate cameras. Today, GoPro actually improved on their own camera while offering some new accessories to “kit” out the camera for blogging use or slightly better productions.

How to Save $60 on the Brand New GoPro Hero 8 or GoPro Max

Link: GoPro

GoPro actually only released two cameras this year instead of the stair stepping of products in previous years. Instead of doing that, they moved their GoPro HERO7 Black down to $329 and their GoPro HERO8 Silver down to $199. They also released an update to the GoPro Fusion 360 camera (that has been something needed for a long time!).

One of the cool new “features” of the GoPro HERO8 Black is the built-in mounting – no more mounting cases needed! Instead, there are flip out mounts on the bottom – nice touch!

They have also installed built-in digital zooming to let you capture a bit more of what you want (though digital zoom is not the best replacement for actual optical zoom using actual lenses). They are also introducing HyperSmooth 2.0 in this camera. This is an upgrade of what they called the “gimbal killer” from last year so I expect it to be pretty great also!

The GoPro Max is their new 360 camera and it looks much better and tighter than the old Fusion! Not only that, but they priced it at $499 instead of the $700+ they had the fusion at when it launched. It is much better built than the Fusion and delivers built-in 360 processing while also giving you some of the regular Hero features. One thing I am not sure about and have not seen yet is whether you can replace the lenses. That was a huge pitfall with the older Fusion because if the lenses (which stuck out from the body) got cracked or scratched, you may as well just throw the whole thing away because they weren’t replaceable (unlike Garmin’s VIRB 360).

How to Save $60 on the New GoPro HERO8 Black

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But, if you clicked here, you probably already know that you want one of these cameras and there are plenty of other places to read about hands-on experiences with them! Let’s get to the savings!

If you have an American Express personal card, login to your account. Scroll down to the Amex Offers & Benefits section and scroll down for the GoPro offer. This is on all my personal cards so it shouldn’t be targeted. This means that if you have any American Express personal card, you should be able to save it to your card.

Make sure you Add to Card and then use the card you added it to to make the purchase at Here are the terms:

  • Get a one-time $60 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $300+ in one or more transactions online
  • Valid at by 12/17/2019

You cannot use the international versions of the webpage so make sure you are on the US site (that should be automatic if you are in the US). The GoPro HERO8 Black will be shipping in two weeks.

If you want to save just a little more, start your shopping at GoPro by going through one of these shopping portals first!

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