Save 20% on Award Tickets to Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean As a United Credit Cardholder

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United credit cardholders, your card just unlocked a way to save 20% on award tickets to popular destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Find out the details about this award sale and see if it makes sense for you!

There are quite a few reasons to like the United credit card (whether it is for the new Global Entry reimbursement or things like opening up award space when it doesn’t exist for others). Here is another – save 20% of your hard-earned United miles if you take a vacation from the mainland US/Canada to such destinations as Hawaii, Mexico, or the beautiful Caribbean islands!

Save 20% on Award Tickets to Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean – With a United Credit Card

Apparently, this offer was sent out via e-mail (I never got it – and I am a United credit cardholder) but it still works even if you didn’t get the offer. So, here are the details of this “award sale” to popular vacation destinations:

  • Travel must be booked by 8/10
  • Travel must be between 8/20-12/13
  • Travel valid between the US (except Hawaii) and Canada to:
    • Mexico
    • Caribbean
    • Hawaii
  • Travel valid only on United
  • Travel valid only in coach
  • Travel valid only for round-trips

Knowing the rules, here is what it will end up costing you (or saving you) in miles if you book during this promo:


That is not a bad savings for your United miles and it will make it easier to take the family on vacation to one of those destinations! Just make sure you check the actual dollar cost before you transfer any Ultimate Reward points to United! There can often be sales that would make these award prices actually more expensive.

A good rule of thumb is this – if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, make sure the cost to Hawaii is more than $550 before you transfer those points to United! If you have some other Ultimate Reward earning card, make sure it is more than $460 before you transfer.

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