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Awesome Tech Deal! Save $100 on Beats Fit Pro – My All-Time Favorite Earbuds [Refurb]

Written by Charlie

This is the best deal yet on the Beats Fit Pro – my all-time favorite earbuds! These are great for fitness, noise cancelling, lifestyle – anything!

This is the best deal I have ever seen on the Beats Fit Pro, which happen to be my favorite earbuds ever. Yes, they are refurbished but if they don’t fit your expectations, just return them to Best Buy!

Save $100 on Beats Fit Pro

Link: Beats Fit Pro Deal

I have been meaning to do a review on these Beats Fit Pro earbuds for the longest time but still have not gotten to it so I will just highlight here why I love these earbuds.

I have tried over a dozen different earbuds to test for the best fit for running as well as being really great lifestyle earbuds. Having noise cancellation is certainly a plus but not necessary for me since I normally use headphones for that when traveling.

I actually ditched my Apple AirPods Pro for these earbuds because I could not run with the AirPods without them falling out of my ear. I like earbuds that provide multiple points of contact and the Beats Fit Pro kind of “pop” into the ear for an awesome fit. Not only does that keep them from falling out but it helps with the noise cancellation as well.

In case you did not know, Beats is owned by Apple which means these have the same special sauce in them that AirPods do – namely, the H1 chip. This enables easy device switching between Apple devices as well as Apple’s spatial audio for a more immersive sound experience when wearing both earbuds.

I have never had these fall out of my ears and they still feel very comfortable as well. The noise cancellation is decent but will not beat out headphones. They work for office work as well as travel.

The battery life is very good on these (up to 6 hours with noise cancelling on). I have worn them for 50k runs and they did not run out of battery life. Also, the case gives them a recharge as well (a simple 5 minute charge gives you another 1 hour of use) and, thank you very much – the case is chargeable with USB C connector! I seriously hate the lightning connector of Apple’s iPhones and their AirPods since everything else I own can be charged/powered with USB C.

But, that case is the biggest complaint I have. I understand it is a balance to provide something that can significantly charge the earbuds while also staying somewhat small but it is not nearly as compact as the AirPods Pro case. That being said, it still fits in my pockets fine but just a bit more of a bulge. Another negative with the case is that the lid seems quite flimsy for a product like this. It honestly feels like cheap plastic but I have not had it break on me and I use these earbuds every single day, multiple times a day, since they came out.

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