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Is Your Samsung Tablet Order Processing?

Samsung Tablet
Written by Charlie

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The other day, I wrote about a great deal where you could get $220 for future purchases when purchasing a $500 Samsung tablet from Sears. Not only that, but quite a few miles/points as well. 🙂 Well, I placed my order right away and my tablet still had been hanging in the processing state.

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Is Your Samsung Tablet Order Processing?

That was not good news since that tablet was floating in and out of stock and I was afraid that they would cancel the order (like they did for many others) claiming it is out of stock (even though orders were placed two days ago). I was all set to call Sears to find out what the hang up is when they called me and told me they needed to verify some information to ship it out (I actually missed the call and called them back, so I knew I was talking to Sears).

Verifying Information

The information they need to verify is a little different – they want name, address, general description of the item ordered, and birth year. They never asked for the credit card number (last four digits) or anything else. After answering the questions, they cleared it for shipping and now my $220 worth of ShopYourWay reward points have posted to my account.

Order Cancellations

Sears did this to me in the past as well when Delta had a great promo going on with them. I ordered $4,000 worth of tablets and they did not call me but did e-mail me that all the orders were canceled (the next day). When I called to find out why, they told me they had sent me several e-mails (they did not) and called me several times (they did not) and had to cancel them for fraud prevention sake and would not reactivate the order with the previous offer, which had conveniently expired hours before they canceled the order.

What To Do

Samsung Tablet

Get your Samsung tablet out of processing!

So, if you ordered the Samsung tablet from them, be proactive and call them to get this order moving before they cancel it on you! If you are like me, you are not thinking so much about the tablet as you are about the points. 🙂 The number to call is 888-396-5299. Give them your order number and get it processed. The tablets are currently showing in stock, so mention that to them if they claim they are out of stock.

Hopefully, your points will post quickly and your tablets will ship! If you are planning on putting them on eBay, you may want to sit on it for a little while as eBay has been flooded with them in the last day (I wonder why?!). A better course of action may be to list on Craigslist.

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