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Samsung Smart LED TV for Up to 80% Off!

Samung Smart LED TV
Written by Dustin

I feel the last few deals I have posted about have been about TVs! This is the season to find a great deal on a new TV, so why not share, right? Today is “Green Monday,” and that brings more sales. Today over at Dell, they have a Samsung Smart LED TV and you can save up to 80% on the asking price!

Samsung Smart LED TV for Up to 80% off!

The Deal:

Samsung Smart LED TV

Today, (well until tomorrow at 8 am EST) Dell is selling a Samsung Smart LED TV for $349. This typically is listed at $499.99.

On top of the sale price, Dell is going to throw in a $150 Dell Gift Card!

Using a Portal to Maximize Rewards

Every time you shop online you should be using a portal! You can really earn a lot more by shopping online. This is probably my favorite way to earn extra rewards

Samsung Smart LED TV

As you can see, Ebates is offering 12% cash back for Dell. That’s an amazing amount of cash back rewards! This does out earn even the Ultimate Reward Portal.

Ebates Sign up- This is my personal referral link. You will receive $10 if you sign up with it. If you do thank you, I do appreciate it!

Since Ebates is 0ffering 12% cash back, this would mean you’ll earn $41.88 on your Dell purchase.

Maximizing this with Amex Offers

Samsung Smart LED  Tv

Currently, (if you loaded it) American Express is offering $100 credit statement when you spend $300 or more at

Since this TV is $349, you can use 1 of these. Remember, Dell will actually let you split a purchase between 3 cards. If you are making a larger purchase, that is something to keep in mind.

Total Savings:

This is definitely awesome when you break it down.

When using Ebates, to make this purchase, and take advantage of the Dell Amex offer, your breakdown will look like this:

  • Samsung 43 inch Smart LED TV- $349
  • Dell Gift card- $150
  • Portal Payout- $41.88
  • Amex Offer- $100

If you are able to stack these savings, your net cost is $57.12. That is close to 84% off the $349 asking price!


Although this Samsung Smart LED TV is “only” 43 inches. This could be a great size to put in front of your treadmill or another room where you don’t want a massive TV.

Have you been able to take advantage of any of these deals?

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