Samsung Showcases A Futuristic Airport

Even though I am an Apple user, I actually really prefer Samsung when it comes to mobile devices (the reason I cannot make the total switch is because I love my MacBook which syncs so nicely with everything else!). Samsung has the products and advertising to really go after a lot of different markets. One of these examples was at the recent expo. Samsung was the title sponsor and it really looked like they just unloaded on the expo. There were more devices in there than I could count, in addition to their huge TVs and other larger appliances. I took pictures, but I sure felt bad doing it with my iPhone! 🙂

Samsung Showcases Futuristic Airport

Samsung showcases

Samsung’s Futuristic Airport – photo from ZDNet

Anyway, last week, Samsung showcased how they can design setups for the future. One of those setups is their idea of a futuristic airport. They have some pretty good ideas, some of which will undoubtedly be met with resistance based on privacy but that is the way everything is moving anyway.

Source: ZDNet

Here are some of the ideas that they are floating (using their equipment, of course):

Facial Recognition

This program is being tested out at Amsterdam (AMS) airport right now. It uses the recognition to make the travel experience smoother for passengers as they will not be required to use their ID throughout the airport. I know it is not that common in the US, but airports in Europe actually do have quite a few different checkpoints throughout the airport for the checking of IDs and boarding passes. Not only that, but they also have roving officers for checks. Being able to just use facial recognition would be a nice touch.

Samsung showcases

Facial recognition at airports – photo by ZDNet

European airports already use scanners for the boarding processes for many airlines. It simply involves scanning your boarding pass at the gate for the gate to swing open and allow you to board. It eliminates the human interfacing with the passenger and allows the line to move somewhat fluid (believe it or not). The addition of facial recognition would be a next step in those airports for sure.

Large Screen Access

How many times have you been through an airport and you get to a large informational screen only to find the information you are looking for scroll by just before you could read it? Now, you wait another few minutes for it to come back again!

Samsung showcases

Large screen access – photo by ZDNet

Well, Samsung is trying out another shift in a Singapore airport that allows the passenger to use his/her smartphone to scan a QR code on a large screen and then take control of the screen to get information more tailored for their needs (without putting their ticket on the screen!). The smartphone becomes the remote control!

This could be very useful for passengers who might feel lost and unable to really understand a strange airport and the language. The biggest problem with something like this is that it is obviously limited to just one passenger at a time, so would you actually have to wait in a line for a few minutes just to use it? 🙂 Supposedly, this program will shift to the UK for a testing period towards the end of the year.

To check out more photos and the story (as well as some other things Samsung is planning), read it over here at ZDNet.com

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