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Back on Sale! The New Apple AirPods Pro Have a $15 Discount – But, They Won’t Stay in Stock Long

Written by Charlie

The sale on Apple AirPods Pro is back and they are available again as well! But, they won’t stay in stock for long so check them out now for a $15 discount!

The popular Apple AirPods Pro are back in stock and on sale – but neither one may be true for long! They have been at the $15 discount price on and off but were shipping in 1-2 months. Now, they are back in stock (edit: they are now saying back in stock on November 30 but better than the previous 1 month so order soon!) and on sale at the same time.

This came around last week and was gone after a few hours after I noticed it so if you want to save some money on the newly announced Apple AirPods Pro, here is your chance to do it! Plus, you can see if you are eligible for some of the other deals you could stack with it.

Apple AirPods Pro on Sale For $235

Link: Apple AirPods Pro (this is an affiliate link that supports the site)

I finally have mine and am putting them to the test against the Sony WF-1000XM3 but already have heard some great things about these – both for traveling and for running. While the price is almost $100 more than the regular Airpods, if you travel often or have trouble keeping the original in your ears, these could be the ones for you.

I can tell you so far that I already like them a lot more than the original AirPods and that they are a better fit than the Sony ones. I will be doing more testing over the next couple of weeks to see how well they do for running and travel but I am so far pleased!

While they will not crush over the ear noise cancelling headphones, the technology for in-ear noise cancellation is actually really good.

Read this if you want to use your AirPods on an airplane with the entertainment system!

Getting a Better Price

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