Running A Race At 92

I really just started running about 8 years ago. I enjoy it a lot and really would like to be able to run for many years to come. Barring serious injuries, that will happen. But, I know at some age, my running of marathons and half marathons will come to an end.

Not so for this gentleman. At the prime age of 92, he ran yet another half marathon this past Saturday at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and did it in a time of 3:19:30! That breaks down to a pace of 15 minutes per mile. I would hope that I could run that pace when I am 20 years younger than this gentleman, in fact, I would count myself blessed just to be alive at 92. He currently holds the record for the over-90 age group at the half marathon (2:56:26) and now has set a (pending) record again for the single age of 92 at that distance and time.

HT: Runners World

Another notable record for running by our oldest generation include the new record set this year for the 90-94 age category in the marathon. Harriette Thompson ran the Rock-N-Roll San Diego Marathon in a time of 7:07:42. Very impressive! – Story

Even at the shorter, faster distances, these aged runners have done some remarkable things. This year, the 104 year-old Stanisław Kowalski ran a 100 meter race in a time of 32.79 seconds. Of course the world record is under 10 seconds, but this man is 104 years old! – Story

Yet one more that deserves mention is the runner Fauja Singh. At the age of 92 in the Toronto Marathon, he ran a time of 5:40! Unfortunately, that is not eligible for a world record because he could not produce a birth certificate to prove his age. – Story

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