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Reminder: US Airways 100% Bonus Ends Tomorrow!

US Airways 100% Share Bonus
Written by Charlie

This is just a reminder that the great US Airways 100% bonus ends tomorrow. This deal basically works out to buying US Airways at 1.1 cents each. When I first posted this deal two weeks ago, I had been lamenting that I had just booked a trip with my miles and didn’t have anything left. Since then, a friend looked upon my plight and I am 100K richer now (that is US Airways miles – not dollars!). Anyway, if you have been hanging back wondering if you should do it, this is the homestretch of the offer!

US Airways 100% Share Bonus

It is often a bad idea to purchase miles speculatively. You have no idea if the program will be devalued before you use them. However, in this case, it should be okay to do so depending on your travel habits. For my case, it costs 60K for a ticket from Europe to the US. Most of the time, a ticket costs $1300 for this route! If I were to transfer 30K US Airways miles, it would cost me $352 to transfer that into 60K for my ticket. That is a savings of over $800 (when you factor in the taxes and fees on the award ticket). That is a huge savings and one that would be worth it for me to purchase speculatively since I know I will be using it at some point.

Even if you just have an orphan account with a few thousand miles in it, you can still get some great value and maybe enough for a ticket anywhere in the US out of it! To find out more about the deal, check out this post from a couple of weeks ago.

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