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Red Roof Is Going Upscale With a New Collection

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Written by Charlie

Red Roof is going for the upscale hotel angle with a whole new brand that will be rolling out in a single city this year. It will be good to see what it brings to the table.

Major hotel chains have been rolling out various collections (new brands targeting various categories of travelers) for a while now in an effort to create a more relevant experience for customers. Red Roof is now getting in on this trend by going for a more upscale experience with their new rollout – the Red Collection.

Red Roof Is Going Upscale with a New Collection

“Red Roof” and “Upscale” is certainly not something most people would associate together! Yet, that is exactly what Red Roof is trying to do with this new brand rollout. They are starting in Chicago with their new hotel, the St. Clair, this year and looking at other major cities as well to expand to down the road.

Here is what they say about this new brand:

Slated to open in the last quarter of 2017 at the corner of St. Clair and Ontario, The St. Clair Hotel is the first of many future properties in The Red Collection portfolio. On top of offering an authentic, hyper local experience in Chicago, one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States according to Red Roof’s research, The St. Clair Hotel allows guests to stay in a modern hotel with décor and amenities they would expect from a major city hotel, but at an affordable rate. The vibe starts with a welcoming lobby, featuring plush high tops, outlets for multiple devices and network connectivity. Every room has silky, upgraded bedding, spa-inspired bathrooms with multi-flow showerheads and complimentary Seattle’s Best Coffee.

I haven’t stayed at a Red Roof in years and my main reason for stopping didn’t have that much to do with the condition of the hotel and rooms (though that was part of it). It had more to do with staff issues like constantly leaving my door open after they were done cleaning it and not doing that good of a job cleaning up from the people before.

I would imagine their Red Collection will have an upgraded customer experience. 🙂 I hope they do well and I will look forward to the opportunity to try out this “modern hotel” at “an affordable rate.”

HT: USA Today

Featured image from the St. Clair website

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