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Qatar’s Qsuites Will Be Landing In Paris Next Month

qatar qsuites business class
Written by Charlie

The awesome Qatar Qsuites, the business class cabin with double beds, will be landing in Paris next month. Find out when and how you can fly this flight. This gives 2 routes to fly this awesome cabin on!

I have written a little about Qatar’s new Qsuites, or the double bed in business class. It is really a phenomenal hard product and I cannot wait to try it out on a real flight. For anyone else that wants to try it as well, you will be able to do it with a new city as Qatar brings their Qsuite 777 to Paris on September 23!

Qatar’s Qsuites Will Be Landing In Paris Next Month

qatar qsuites business class

Another of the double bed in business class

Link: Inside the Doublebed Qsuites Cabin

Qatar had said before that their new Qsuites-equipped planes would roll out with London first (which they are already flying) before moving on to Paris and then New York. It is great that they are moving along at a good rate so far. I would hope that the Qsuites will be en-route to JFK by November (if for no other reason than I have a ticket heading there anyway!) but we will have to see.

Qatar actually didn’t announce this schedule for the flight to Paris but it was picked up by TPG with one of their seat alerts on Expert Flyer. So, if you are wanting to catch the new Qsuites to NY, it may be wise to set some seat alerts of your own!

The flight for Paris follows the schedule below (as of September 23):

  • Departs Doha at 1:20AM and arrives in Paris at 7:15AM
    • duration is 6 hours and 55 minutes
    • flight number is 41
  • Departs Paris at 9:10AM and arrives in Doha at 4:35PM
    • duration is 6 hours and 25 minutes
    • flight number is 42

If you wanted to maximize your time, the flight from Doha is best (plus you can enjoy the Qatar lounge in Doha as well as get catering that is loaded from Doha) but you will not really be able to enjoy it as much as a daytime flight. For that, you would likely want to be on the flight out of Paris to Doha.

If you use AA miles, it will cost you 42,500 miles for a one way flight. But, remember that you can always add on an additional oneworld flight from Paris to another destination in Europe for the same amount.

At any rate, it is good to see Qatar rolling these out! I cannot wait to fly on one myself!


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