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Priority Boarding: First Class, Elites, and Ugly Sweater-Wearing Passengers

Written by Charlie

Find out how you could get priority boarding tomorrow from any of 115 cities just for wearing an ugly sweater! It is a nice way to kick off holiday travel!

Tomorrow is National Ugly Sweater Day (honestly did not have a clue until Alaska Airlines talked about it last week!) and Alaska Airlines announced last week that they will be celebrating it with a bit of style.

Priority Boarding: First Class, Elites, and Ugly Sweater-Wearing Passengers

Tomorrow, December 15, is National Ugly Sweater Day and Alaska Airlines wants to jump into that festive spirit by giving all ugly sweater-wearing passengers priority boarding on all of their flights, as well as flights on Virgin America and Horizon Air flights.

Of course, it is more to celebrate the holiday festivities than to get any serious perk (though I do love priority boarding to ensure I get overhead bin space!) as the usual priority boarding will still apply with first class passengers and elite passengers.

It is a nice, festive touch by Alaska to allow their casual travelers to get a little earlier boarding while giving a little cheer to their travels. Airports at this time of year can be very busy and can help create a lot of frustration among travelers. Having this little change to the usual may help to relieve a little bit of that.

So, if you are flying from one of the 115 cities tomorrow that are served by Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, or Horizon Air flights, grab an ugly sweater or a festive sweater and prepare to board a little early! Just be ready to possibly have your perfectly normal sweater or family hand-me-down sweater mistaken as an ugly sweater potentially as well! 🙂

Source: Alaska Airlines

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