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Pics of the Week: Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Fighter Jet

Written by Charlie

This could be an airplane that many of you have never seen with these pics of the week – the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 in great colors! Check them out!

This weekend is the Athens Flying Week, the big airshow in Greece. This was the first one fully back without Covid-19 restrictions since the start of Covid-19 so it was an exciting time for many aviation geeks and anyone that just likes to see some cool arial demonstrations. One of the teams that flew there was the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 fighter jet. Here are some of the pictures of this plane.

Pics of the Week: Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 Fighter Jet

One of the cool things about going to foreign air shows is the ability to see planes from other countries that you may not see in the US. Even though the US sells F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia (back in 2011, they approved the sale of 84 F-15s to Saudi Arabia for $30 billion), chances of seeing a Royal Saudi Air Force plane in the US is probably next to nil.

But, in Athens this weekend, attendees got to see a very nicely painted F-15 take to the skies. Saudi Arabia has a demo team so this seems like it was painted for their team. The F-15 they had on display on the ground was in the normal tactical gray color. But, at least the one in the air made for some very starkly colorful images!

There is an upside and downside to having a camera that shoots at 20 frames per second. The upside is that you do not miss any of the action (most of the time) and the downside is that you don’t miss anything. By that I mean that I have a ton of photos (thousands!) to go through for the best shots and the ones that nailed focus the best. I have been to a bunch of airshows before but this was the first one that I went to just to take photos. I have a lot to learn but I had a bunch of fun!

The Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 on static display

Love the colors of the demo F-15!

I love that this picture included an Aegean A320 way above the RSAF F-15!

So, there you go with a look at the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15 demo team! It was a pretty cool aircraft to see and the pilot really knew how to fly this plane!

The rest of the photos will come later this week. There was even a team from the Jordanian Air Force that was awesome so a lot of great stuff to come!

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